Cricket broadband to ps3

aem1er - Jan 17, 2010 at 09:49 AM
 angel - Aug 13, 2010 at 12:20 AM
can i plug my cricket modem straight into my ps3 to go on playstation network?

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yes you can and I do it and it works, but i connected it to my computer and made a wired connection from my computer to ps3 easy
How were you able to do that? I was trying to do this but I can't seem to get it to connect
sketcher look below i gave a little more detail on how to do this
i dnt get thisss argg!!! how do u do thiss!!
can u explain it better? step by step?
yes you can use cricket with ps3 no you cannot just plug the modem into the have to have a desktop/laptop avail.what you do is install cricket on your computer then connect
go to internet sharing for vistaand windows 7 or network conn.for xp. under internet sharing you will see in the column to the left manage network that
then right click on cricket wireless and goto properties.then in the tabs atop the page you will see it
then click the first box avail.then select local area network in the box below that.then click ok (the other to check boxes should not be checked) go to the bottom of the page and click ok
then take a ethernet cable from said computer and plug it into your ps3. you should be able to get a network on your ps3 .if not try discconnecting from cricket and reconnecting then try the ps3 sometimes the connection has to be re established before it willl share it hope this helps now im trying to figure a way to hook a router up off that ethernet cable and power my ps3 and laptop with it thats gonna be fun
Thanks alot this really works. Whomever is searching for an answer this is it. I just now tried it at 11:20 am and it really works. Thanks again 619Wrangler
So, i was wondering if i have a laptop that uses Cricket broadband. How do i do that?
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Jan 17, 2010 at 11:31 AM
goodluck what i found out is it is impossible, sony ps3 is not compatible with cricket and cricket is not compatible with ps3 so if you find out somthing different please let me know