Dark screen?!

 Vee -

I just recently noticed that my screen is much darker than usual.

I’ve tried turning it up really high in the control center but it doesn’t change very much. Then I noticed the screen goes back to normal when I open the catalyst control center. But then it goes back to dark if I minimize it!

Any suggestions? Also, I have the latest drivers (8.1) for my 2600xt 512mb card.

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To fix go into the nvidia control panel, display, adjust desktop colour settings, and up in the right hand top corner of htat screen you'll find some text that says restore defaults. click that then apply and all should be fixed.
Thank you

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i need help for drker scream how can I fix dat?
Wow! Thanks, mate! My screen is heaps better now :D Thankyou! x x
that default thing just returns my screen to normal dark way ..
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You're the best. I've been having this problem for months. I made an account just to thank you. THANKS!!!
This worked for me as well, tysm ^_^
By the way, if you do not have NVIDIA like me, you can just open up CCC and go to "Advanced" Next, press colour and then press Re-activate ATI colour controls. Then press aply and quit, your problem should be solved, again, like mine!!!
what is CCC ?
ccc is catalyst control center, I presume.
Yes! Thank you this one works.
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Hello you!

I have only something to add, just don't minimize the catalyst control center... Then, for sure you know your screen will continue to function normally...lol Sorry if I don't have something better to share!!