Enable dark mode on Snapchat: Android, iPhone

Enable dark mode on Snapchat: Android, iPhone

Do you know that you can use your Snapchat app in dark mode? You can easily set it up for your convenience or just for fun. In this article, we will explain to you how to put your Snapchat app on dark mode.

How do you get dark mode on Snapchat on your iPhone?

If you often use Snapchat, you might be wondering: Does Snapchat have a dark mode? The answer is: yes, it does. You can easily turn it on if you own an iPhone. 

1. Log in to your Snapchat account and tap on your profile picture icon in the upper left corner.

2. Tap on the gear icon in the top right corner to open the Settings.

3. Go to My Account and scroll down to App Appearance.

4. Finally, choose either Always Dark if you prefer Snapchat to be dark-themed all the time, or select Match System to make Snapchat automatically switch to dark mode when your iPhone switches to dark mode.

Note: If you can not find the App Appearance section in your Snapchat settings, it means that the feature is not yet available for your device. Update its iOS if needed and try again.

How do you get dark mode on Snapchat on Android?

While this feature still isn't available for Android users, those who have an older version of the app can trick this trick:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select About phone Software information.
  • Tap six times (in some cases - 7) Build number: this will enable the Developer mode.
  • Go back to Settings.
  • Choose Developer options and then enable.
  • From there, enable the Force dark mode option.

How do you get dark mode on Snapchat on Xiaomi?

As long as your device is under Android, Snapchat won't feature the dark mode feature. However, you can try the trick from the previous section that should apply to most Android phones and older Snapchat versions.

How do you get dark mode on Snapchat on Samsung?

Just like for Xiaomi, Snapchat's dark mode is unavailable for Android phones, regardless of the model. However, you can still try the trick from the How do you get dark mode on Snapchat on Android section, as long as you have an older version of Snapchat.

Where can you get the Snapchat APK?

We recommend downloading Snapchat for Android from trusted sources only - for example, you can check the link on our website or on the Google Play Store. 

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