Laptop wont open

 Tim -
my new laptop was working well, but now when i press the starting button it on the lights that show weather the laptop is working or no , but it wont open , not even the first things

how can i open it if you know please tell me

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Dear Nana,

Please indicate clearly what's wrong with the laptop. Please indicate whether you are unable to open the laptop or whether unable to turn it on.

Thank you.
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the laptop itself wont open , its type is ESPRIMOMobilev6535

by the way im nana the poster

Dear Nana,

Please try to see whether the physical lock is the one responsible for you not to be able to open it or the source of the problem is elsewhere. If you are not familiar with these types of tasks, please send it to a computer technician and let him settlte the matter. You should check whether there is not blocking the way of the laptop to open. If ever there's some dust or even some components seem stuck with any material, you will have to clean it up.

Thanks in advance.
sounds like you need a new motherboard. did you test the battery? and the adapter?