How to connect internet samsung c5212 to p.c

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How to connect internet by samsung c5212 to p.c using bsnl sim

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Get internet service activated by contacting network provider for settings,then install Pc studio and connect via usb cable,the pc studio can be downloaded from official Samsung website on link below:

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I have the already got all the settings from network providers, but still I am unable to connect my Samsung C5212 mobile phone to internet. Please tell me what options I need to select in Samsung PC Studio, Is there is any setting we need to change in PC Studio software?,
I ...
1. Selected Tools from Samsung PC studio.
2. Selected Connect Internet.
3. Add modem(5212).

After this its saying me to disconnect the modem, please help me to sort this.
I hav sam prblm. aftr conctin m samsung c5212 for net my pc shws disconct d modm.But I did al reqrd setup. Plz ny1 slv d prblm....
i am also facing the same problem if you get any information please let me know