Restore to full factory recovery my Gateway

 Nikki -

I was wondering if any one could help me I want to restore the factory settings on my desktop Gateway Model# GM5688E. Reinstall Vista and now I can't get it to work properly, some system programs are not working.

Can't get to recovery manager screen, I follow the booklet to restart and push F8 key, but can't get to the to system Recovery options screen.

Please help!
System Configuration: Windows Vista Home Internet Explorer 7.0

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You have to press ALT + F11 and the same time, and actually hold them in, not just press them.

Hope, it works!
Thank you

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I did the F8 thing and it asked me for and admin account password. I am the only one that uses that computer but apparently I dont have admin access. So I dont have the option to do a factory restore.

Any way to fix this? because I cant seem to boot windows at all
Perhaps this Gateway link will help you:
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As the computer is booting up just keep hitting the F11 key and it should take you to the restore area and follow directions. This will probably erase your drive so BACKUP anything you want to keep before doing the restore..


Hi, I did the F11 and it did not work it just continued to start up like I wasnt pressing F11 what else can I do
all you need do is perform a "cold boot" and immediately begin tapping the F8 key until the computer responds. Once you get to the next screen simply select the repair option. from that point it is intuitive to getter done