Running Windows XP off external harddrive

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Is there a way to install windows xp on a external harddrive? I have a 1tb external harddrive, I want to install the operating system windows xp, then connect the external harddrive (with the operating system windows xp on the harddrive) to my laptop, then choose the external harddrive as the computer boots up.

Is this possible?


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First insert the installation disk into your computer. Now instead of installing everything to your C:\ drive install it to your external hard drive. After you have done that restart your computer and you will see something at the Bottomf your screen that says something like this:

Press F2 to enter settings

Now the button might be different, for example it might say "F3 or F11". Once you've entered your settings area or also called your BIOS settings go to "System Startup Order" or something like that. Now select your external hard drive from the list and move it to the top of the list. Save your settings and exit. Now restart your computer again and you're done! Windows XP is now running completely off your external hard drive!

If you experience any problems or this tutorial doesn't work I will be happy to help you out. Just send me an E-mail or Facebook me.
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only if the BIOS will allow booting from a USB drive.