Ipod Classic 40 GB 1st gen

OS Tester - Feb 7, 2010 at 10:33 AM
 minimatt - Mar 6, 2010 at 07:08 PM
Hello, i'm another one having this ipod problem.
Its the white 40 gb, wich constantly bugging me.
I've tried plugging it to my pc with no detection at all, except device manager.
I've also tried plugging it to the charger, wich originally came with my iphone 3g, with no indication that it'll charge, it just show the battery icon...
The thing is, i'm trying to find/ restore files for a friend of mine, and i simply cannot delete the files because its important to that person.
When i plug it in the ac, it doesn't charge there either, the apple logo keeps coming with the following sad apple face, and it all keeps looping.
How can i make itunes recognize this ipod without deleting every files within?
Or how can i make the disc visible in order to use "Recover My Ipod"?
Is there any way to force the device manager to simply handle it as another harddrive?
Or is it dead then? can you plug out the harddrive and then to a regular computer or do i have to get a converter?

Grateful for any help about each one of the questions

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you could take the ipod apart and take out the hard drive
i suggest using a pocket knife and you try to get it in between the front and the back where the white meets the metal back, and just pry it open and they should eventually separate. and then you need to disconnect the hard drive which is connected by a ribbon to the back on the inside. then you need to buy a laptop hard drive enclosure(around 5-20$ i suggest your friend buys that!) and plug it in once you get the enclosure(should plug in the way it was in the ipod) and there might be a power supply and then it should have a usb cord that you can plug in to your computer and it will be just like an external hard drive!