Windows Says It Wasnt Shut Down Properly

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My computer has been working fine until I shut it down earlier today and Windows automatically installed updates. Now when I turn it on it starts with the blue HP screen that normally comes up and then a black screen comes up that says something like Windows was not shut down properly, recently installed software or hardware may have caused this. It has different options to choose from like run in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, start Windows normally ect. I've tried all of these options and it just restarts and takes me back to the same black screen. It won't even let me run it in safe mode so I can restore it to an earlier date. I don't have the money right now to have it repaired professionally. Do I just unplug it and let it sit for a while and try it again? What do I do?

I'm using a desktop HP with Windows XP. I would greatly appreciate any help I could possibly get.
Thank you.

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does anyone have a solution? I really need to fix this! Please!
Thank you

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I have heard that auto update and AVG anti virus had some issues. wondering if thats your case ?
I don't think I've ever downloaded AVG anti virus. I've been using windows security.
I have this similar problem. Earlier in January, I was able to restore the system back to an earlier state, but this week, I had no luck. Now I can't restore it at all.

My suggestion is to restore it back to before January, if you can.