System recovory discs

 josh -
i boght new sytem recovory discs so i could format new image back to factory settings and when i did the progress was at 0% and then this error code came up 0x2001100200001005 and now every time i start it it has a bliking cursor in top left corner and wont do anything i have a gateway m-6750 m series someone said my computer wasnt recognizing my operating system my laptop worked fine before it just didnt recognize my wifi and it wouldnt play dvds or burn anything, so i bought the system recovery disc's to fix that, and now i have that problem. How can I fix it? I'd really appriciate your help.

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Hi there,

Cleans the lens of your cd drive and reboot from recovery cd.

i cleaned my lens and then it tried to reboot then these error codes came up 0x2001100200001012.and then it said the instruction at 0x751005ef referenced memory at 0x00000114. the memory could not be read now what do i do and what do those errors mean thanks.