My toshiba L300 laptop is buggered!

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Thursday February 11, 2010
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December 28, 2010
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need some help... my battery came out of my laptop while downloading (silly mistake, long story), now when I turn it on it gets as far as the black screen with the white text as if it's loading up then nothing happens, it wont load to my desk top, just a black blank screen.

tried turning it on and off then back on holding zero key and it says push any key to reboot, tried that and it gives a black blank screen but with a mouse pointer but thats all that happens, i can move the cursor but the screen stays black.

if i need a recovery disk can you tell me where i can get one that is free and relitively easy to download and can you please give instructions on how to burn it (i use nero, what do i do?) and how to use it.

many thanks,

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Hi there,

Very sad for you,well recovery disk is to be ordered from Toshiba manufacturer and its not free,here is the link for ordering:


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