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Wednesday April 10, 2013
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April 11, 2013

I m facing a problem with my explorer That when I open any site internet explorer it opens but if I click on any link of any site window opens but with blank

plz help me anybody help would be appreciating

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This is related to bad DCOM settings. Use the fix below to resolve the issue.

Use the run command:
Open "DCOMCNFG" to open up the Component services
Expand `component services' and `computers' and right hand click on `properties'
This would open the properties for My Computer and click on "Default Properties"
Ensure that
Default Authentication Level is
Default Impersonation Level is
Thank you

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I have exactly the same issue - new blank window opens but pasting in the link works. I ran DCOMCNFG but the settings are already "connect" and "identify". Now what? I'm using IE9
I have the same issue with IE 9- new blank window opens but pasting in the link works. I ran DCOMCNFG but the settings are already "connect" and "identify". Please help.
Did not fix the problem. Settings were set as mentioned already
click the comp button by the refresh button on the address bar
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Wednesday April 10, 2013
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April 11, 2013

from what little I know this proc has got nothing to do with ie10 blank tabs. MS has provided no final fix for a month now.
Open IE.
Goto Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs
Under the Default Browser section click Make Default Browser
hi I checked in the above option but the default web Browser option is Dehilghlted...
please tell me how to highlight the above option......

thanks .....
I have the same question. I am trying to open links from two different pages on IE 9 and they won't load but if I go to Firefox the links open with no problem. IE is my default browser
The word must be put out to the entire web browsing world.. Don't use Internet Explorer!!! Any version.. Period!! What's the point of using a web browser that refuses to work with a simple function?, a function that works perfectly well with every other browser on the planet. What does microsoft want? Every developer in the world to rewrite their scripts just to work with this ridiculous cumbersome idiotic browser?!!! USE FIREFOX good people... use FIREFOX!!!
pls check the version of flash player.
it may be due to error in explorer.
install any other browser like mozilla or netscape and check again
it is working yarr thanks a lot.
> rajeshk
I am Facing the same problem, how do I solve it 2 of my links are not working in IE but work in Firefox and Opera
At last I have discovered where the crime has been committed. This fixes the problem. Its a corrupt user account.

Secondary problem, view your devices in control panel – nothing showing

Recreate a new user, permission level as required and login bingo, not only does the IE8 now open new windows etc but the devices have come back. Think its time to remove the UAC again.
my name zendah from libya
i use internet explore 8 and expierence same problem what I did is simply
the following:-
i use windows install clean up to remove ie8
then I download ie7 and problem is solved.
I solved my problem by using Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition. It runs directly off the DVD and allows the user to navigate the entire site with no problems reported so far.

It took me some time and I lost some hair on this project, but finally got it solved.

Had exactly the same issue. Firefox Portable was just too slow and pain ful working from a DVD. We used ServerToGo to launch a local instance of Apache. Solved everything.
hey Thanks for the tip it really help thx alot
All sites open properly, but when executing any link within the site I get the msg that ie explorer is not working.
open Acrobat reader (Ver 8.1) in Edit menu : Preference | select internet | check display PDF in browser

hope this was useful
This has nothing to do with IE not opening other links.
Registry corruption is most probable due to a Malware attack. Best solution I've found is to Uninstall IE8 back to IE7. If you are running XP Service Pack 3, you must uninstall that back to SP2 first. I followed Microsoft KB950719 and it worked fine and got me back to my "normal"
pleas you don't worry I m very sorry that you cannot authorized to choose tise servise

Mozilla Firefox - Portable Edition is quite well documented. I highly encourage you to read that documentation. There is .ini file named FirefoxPortable.ini that allows you to customize settings of how Portable Firefox starts up and what default opening page it uses. There are some additional tweaks that also allow you to speed up the browser, disable the splash screen, etc.

To get it to run on a CD or DVD, it is simply a matter of appropriate directory structure, appropriate settings, and appropriate autorun.ini settings to launch PortableFirefox on the disk at startup.

Good luck!

Had that problem this morning so I went to I was going to reinstall IE8 using update manager and it informed me that I was unable to recieve any. For some unknown reason it suggestet updating Silverlight after finishing Silverlight recommended allowing automatic updates I allowed it and that solved my problem. Help me hope it does same for you