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My network connection shows that I am connected onto my friend's unsecured wireless connection, and getting all bars... yet iI can't connect to the Internet. I even tried just plugging directly into the modem but still getting nothing. I went to someone else's house, and I usually connect automatically there and never had problems before... not i get nothing also... can't connect to the Internet... server not found... when i click on view available networks, the connection doctor says there is a problem... something to do ith DNS or something like that... i am pulling my hair out by the bunch...

Everything was fine in Canada, now, in the Bahamas... nothing works! HELP!

What can I do or where can I look for answers?

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Thanks for your post aakai1056.

The reason I say it is unsecured, is because when I look at available wireless networks, it shows that I am connected with a nice little star next to the network... only the option to 'disconnect' is offered...

What is more, even if I plug in straight into the modem, I still can't get connected to the Internet... the PC however, accesses the Internet with no problems....

I really don't know what the problem is, somewhere between Toronto and Nassau, something was altered in my laptop's settings... and I can't figure it out...


Thank you

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Dear Gin,

I have the same problem. It is driving me nuts. Did you find a solution.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Paolo. Yes we resolved it, but since I only helped fixing the problem remotely, I can't be certain as to what the actual fix was. In the Bahamas, it's difficult to understand how things work. For example, if you have an cable / Internet provider, you need a key to log on, from what I understand (unlike in Canada where all you require is to plug the cable into your computer). This gets even more complicated when using a router. What is more, service in the Bahamas is inconsistent and networks seem unstable... It's almost hit and miss, since no one seems to really understand how any of this works. I will be there this summer and will try to get more info, again, getting any kind of tech support in Nassau, even from the provider, involves paying someone under the table... Best regards, Gin. :)
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hello buddy,

you think that the network is unsecured but according to me i dont think so there must surely be a wep key or a network key thats why you are getting a dns error. i would advise you to try to enquire with your friend and ask him for the key or else you wont be able to connect to his network. another thing is that when you connect to the pc here at his place he has surely already configured the key and that is why you can connect directly there.

hope it helps you