HELP with reformatted windows xp

Leroy - Oct 5, 2008 at 10:56 AM
 Leroy - Oct 9, 2008 at 10:32 AM
I reinstalled windows xo from the original cd, after my computer crashed. however, it does not have the driver to properly use the internet... I have tried installing the driver from the cd, but it continues to say failure- any suggestions on what to use? i just want it to connect to IE!

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try removing the network card via the "hardware" panel then "detect new hardware" and follow instructions to reload the driver. This is how to do it:

go to "control" then "system" then "hardware" then "Device Manager" then "network adapters" then find the proper controller RIGHT click and "uninstall".

still in control panel double click "add Hardware" it should detect the network controller and ask for a disk with drivers.
Follow those instructions.

If you do not have the right driver CD you will need to download and burn a CD with the correct driver from another computer with internet access.

AS a final option if this computer has the network controller on a separate card - remove the card and plug it into the next slot - this will prompt Windows to look for and reload the driver.
Thank you- I uninstalled the network adapter and then reinstalled it from the cd, however nothing is working. Is there an additional driver I need in order to get the internet to work?
When I go to network connections, it doesnt even show the option for a wireless network...
I can try reinstalling windows again, but I did that and it gave me the original problem.
I have also tried downloading drivers off of the web and installing them, but they don't work. I am not exactly sure which one I need....! THANKS!