Cannot 'Read' CD on D Drive, Windows Vista,

mag - Oct 8, 2008 at 12:10 PM
 mag - Oct 9, 2008 at 04:06 PM
I have been unable to 'Read' any CD's in the 'D' Drive on my laptop, Toshiba, using Windows Vista as an Operation System. I have a friend who has the exact same problem. What do we need to be able to listen to this CD from the laptop?

Thanks for any help!!!

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This is for audio CD's only or data/program CD's also?
Can you see the CD / drive D when you click the "computer" icon? If you can see the CD double click it - does it run then?
If it does then you have turned "Auto Play" off to turn it back on Right click the drive and select "Auto Play" option - that should allow you to change the setting.
Hi, The CD contains data. It is Black's & Bouvier's Dictionaries of Law (And other stuff) Acrobate Reader Required...
The local disk D shows 5.65 GB free of 5.71 GB, but when I double clock on the D:, it does not run, rather I get the message 'This folder is empty'.
Better solution - go to START - CONTROL PANEL - under HARDWARE & SOUND select "play CDs or other Media Automatically" then select what you want to do
I tried to change the settings you suggested, but it still didn't work.
My problem has finally been resolved by talking to a rep at Toshiba, who was able to talk me through deleting the improperly installed driver, and when I shut computer down driver was properly installed. Problem resolved. Thanks!