I cant open and copy desktop files and folder

 sathi -
in my computer desktop i have files and folders something very impotent, but i cannot open those files and folders, also i cant copy those files and folders. please help me to save my files.


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simply just retart ur system ant press F8 then go to safemode setup and then enter through.
after go to documents and settings wizard just get ur desktop there open desktop over and copy all urs files and folder to the other drive such as d:, e:,
than restart ur computer and again press F8 and when ur computer will open in safemode only just restore ur computer to the earlie date.
if safe mode doesnot work than just repair ur computer by inserting ur bootable cd and gain all the files of ur desktop in old files and copy it down.try it i think it will surely work but warning only repair the computer dont format it.