Vista Blue Screen of death

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Monday October 20, 2008
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October 20, 2008
 adhweb -
My Girlfriend has a Laptop that runs on vista, and it seems to be giving her the blue screen of death. my computer had the same problem earlier this year, but my computer runs off XP. and i never really learned how to fix it either way.

I was wondering if anyone could list and possible ways to fix this problem on either XP or vista, if you need stats. on either computer let me know

Much Appreciation

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Tuesday August 19, 2008
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July 2, 2009
hey there,

if it shows a blue screen then you have no choice other than to either format the pc or else do a repair with the windows it, it could solve your problem
aye you might have to format it; this just happened to my computer and I lost thousands of original photos and files.
probably too late for any advice, but you may not have to format it. this is most likely happening due to an issue with a driver for the machine. be sure to run all windows updates and see if that gets you anywhere!
one last resort is to re format your pc, but how if you do not have partitioned in your pc and you have many important files there, one thing i always do, to all the pc's i handled with blue screen is that gave him a break, i mean you detaheched the hard disk and the ram for at east two days then put it back, just give him a rest. then try, i hope it will work, coz' it works to all the pc i repaired with blue screen.
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Monday December 29, 2008
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June 3, 2009
this may be a RAM problem as well.
before formatting the drive, try to get teh RAM replaced,
this may fix your problem.
or try to boot in safe mode, if it logs you in, then you may uninstall any software or driver which you recently installed.
Blue screen in vista.

I had the onimous System Security 2009 virus.

Fortunately I have a legal dual boot system, and could boot into XP to fix.

However in safe mode on a vista only system, search for a random 8 digit number (see System Security 2009 pages - just search for them) exe file and some other files - normally the files will have the date the problem started occuring.

I search for vsf*.* and deleted them all, as well as checking any other files of the same date time stamp that looked a bit iffy.

Sorry not detailed response but I am on blackberry and don't have all details to hand.

However formatting is NOT necessary and it was not necessary to use a system repair either.