My Firefox wont work [Solved/Closed]

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 frustrated dad -

My Firefox has let me down since I have last updated it. Thing is it was working perfectly before I decided to update it to have more add-ins. And now nothing works, it tells me that I have to download the latest version of Firefox but I have it already. I hate using IE itâ€(TM)s slow and I cant download properly with that. Thank you for your help.

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Firefox connection settingsIf you connect to the Internet through a proxy server that is having connection problems, you will not be able to load websites. To check your Firefox proxy settings:

1.At the top of the Firefox windowOn the menu bar, click on the ToolsFirefoxEdit menu, and select Options...Preferences....
2.Select the Advanced panel.
3.Select the Network tab.
4.In the Connection section, click Settings....
5.Change your proxy settings:
?If you don't connect to the Internet through a proxy (or don't know whether you connect through a proxy), select No Proxy.
?If you connect to the Internet through a proxy, compare Firefox's settings to another browser's (Such as Internet Explorer. See Microsoft's guide to proxy settings) (Such as Safari. See Apple's guide to proxy settings).
6.Close the Connection Settings window.
7.Click OK to close the Options windowClick Close to close the Preferences windowClose the Preferences window
Thank you

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thankss buddy..that worked..
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Hi I want to cennect to proxy server using some resource but every time it connect Firefox says "proxy server is refusing connection". What is its solution? I know about "No Prpxy" option but I want to connect to proxy.
can't access menu
i cant open my mozilla firefox when I click that icon even I had change my time and date but the firefox was not opend pls give me a solution for that

I tried all of these and ended up clearing everything up by downloading the previous version.
I had the same problem. Figured out the solution.

1. Uninstall FireFox.
2. Go to Program Files and delete the entire Mozilla FireFox folder with all the files inside it.
3. Re-install FireFox.

For some reason - if the folders aren't deleted - FireFox doesn't work even if its un-installed and re-installed. So make sure you do the Step 2 and it'll work.
This didnt' work for me either....
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I like using firefox the same with you.
Hi - thanks, this worked for me like a charm. I had previously uninstalled all add-ons to no effect.
Thank you. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still didn't work so I then I went to the properties of the mozilla icon and went into compatibility mode and applied the setting for it to work with windows vista service pack two and up she pops! thanks again!

Your procedure worked like a charm to me. Thank you.
I have exactly the same problem and I really, really hate it!! And my IE have stopped working to, so do you think a recovery cd could fix this damn problem? Ideas, please?
I did all the things they told me to do and nothing worked. I uninstalled Norton security and it finally worked. Even when you turn off the firewall in Norton there is still a firewall working in the background. So I just completely uninstalled it and now everything works. AVG is free and better anyway. This has been going on for months and finally got everything to work by doing that. Maybe the same problem if you have McAfee.
As I said before, in my case it was avast! who was bugging me. Still, AVG isn't that good...
I'll keep my avast!, with a bit of luck the problem will be solved in Vista's SP2
> Burning Ice
My prob is solved...
Avast and ZoneAlarm doesn't work together (they both have a webshield wich causes conflicts), so I deleted ZoneAlarm and no more problems for me.
The same thing happened to me tonight, but this worked for me :
I am not computer savvy by a long shot, had two IE browsers open so I could keep checking each step. Hopefully the above link will take you to the right spot and you right click on the taskbar (on a blank spot) and follow the directions.
Good luck, hope you have the same success I did!
I'm having the same problem. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling and going to a restore point a few days ago, but I've still been having issues. Anyone have any ideas?
Had same problem as you on 2different computers at different times . Here is how I fixed the problem . Press and hold ctrl and alt keys simultaniously and press del key once . This brings up the windows task manager , select processes tab at the top . Carefully look down the list and check to see if firefox.exe is running . if it is press end process button at bottom of task manager popup window . then check if there is any other instances of firefox running and end them also . Then simply exit out of the manager window and start up firefox in your usual way . Hope this helps , it worked for me every time ...
> garysoaring
Hi Garysoaring, Thank You Sooooooo Much!! By simply follow your instruction, the problem solved in seconds!! And the best thing is your solution has nothing to do with the command bar on a website - since I was dealing with internet disconnection problem. I really really really appreciate your help in sharing your knowledge !!
I'm having the same problem. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling and going to a restore point a few days ago, but I've still been having issues. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi there,
did you find the solution on it. I am having the same issue, driving me nuts. Help me if possible
hey ...garysoaring
ur a god send ......thank you for the help with firefox
Go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies

Under cookies there will be a button which says 'Exceptions'. Add a site you want to work (example: then click 'Allow'. Do this for every site you want working.

I did this for deviantART, Yahoo, and Facebook. They are all working again now.

Good luck!
hi.. I am having the same issue as you guys are I updated to the newest version and then it won't establish a connection anymore.. I unistalled the program and tried re-installing it and it still didn't work.. Also I tied downloading and installing an older version of it that I had before this one and it still won't establish a connection.. Wondering if it has anything to do with windows vista? Which doesn't make sense because the version before 3.0 worked just fine on my computer.. If anyone could help me I would be most appreciated..
seems to be a HUGE problem!
I'm having the same issue with vista system.
I receive "page not found" with firefox,and "address not valid" with IE when entering, or any other webaddress.

I know I have internet, because I can use skype, MSN, and other chat interfaces.

In addition, I turned off my firewall to see if that was the issue, and that had no effect.

This all happened when the firefox update was done 3.0.6.
It seems like alot are having the same issues! FIREFOX! pls fix it!!!!
> usmcsteve
Check your connection settings and your firewall.
> cathy
ive tried everything I can think of and my firefox will not connect with my server ?
how do I fix this problem I thought it was server its self but it was not ....please help asap
I have vista to and firefox worked fine before the update now firefox wont work at all I uninstalled reinstalled and when I click on icon it does nothing(now I lost all my favorite spots an IE suxs) its to slow. Whats going on I had firefox for many years with know problems :(. Why doesnt firefox talk on this subject and fix?
have the same problem as you did with firefox not opening.
did you get problem resolved?
I've tried unistall and new install and still same error not finding server.
I think I fixed the problem. The problem is the new version of Mozilla after the recent update. I uninstalled the new version of Mozilla firefox. I also deleted all the Mozilla program files found on the C drive. Then I downloaded and installed an older version of Mozilla Firefox....3.4. Just did a Google search for an older option. Now everything works perfectly. My bookmarks were all automatically transferred. I don't know why the new updated Mozilla wouldn't work. Seems like Mozilla should work out those bugs or provide a warning before we accept an update.
what version of firefox are you using?
How does it not work? is it not starting or, giving error messages or, not connecting to the internet or something else?
Try uninstalling firefox and download and install the latest firefox.
same prob
Unable to connECT

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

It's Norton! Your Norton Anti-Virus Toolbar is the problem!
Try opening in safe mode. Then reset toolbars and disable Norton.
Am on a mac, and I dont have the Norton and have the same problem with facebook (and a few other sites).
My firefox also stopped working. IE is fine......happened last night. Have done clean install still no success
Are you running Vista or XP? I think I just fried my computer anyway (I touched it and gave it a small shock and now it won't turn on), but hopefully we can track down the problem. I'll try installing the newest version of Firefox on my laptop which is XP to see what happens.
> Rex
that won't work. I've tired going back to a different version of Firefox, and it still doesn't work. My problem is that I also updated to the latest version. It told me right away that it could not establish a connection to the server. So I have no idea what's wrong! I refuse to use IE; it sucks compared to Firefox. Hopefully, somebody can help!
Go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies

Under cookies there will be a button which says 'Exceptions'. Add a site you want to work (example: then click 'Allow'. Do this for every site you want working.

I did this for deviantART, Yahoo, and Facebook. They are all working again now.

Good luck!

I think I found the answer, download OPERA!

Mozilla Firefox just DOESN'T WORK anymore!!!

By all rights, their development team should be fired immediately.
also.. checked the firewall and my connection settings and both were fine
My computer is not a "BESTBUY" special, it is XP made by DK SYSTEMS in Santa Rosa, Ca.
So, they didn't make the "C" drive the main hard drive (that was called the "I" drive. The CF slot was the "C" drive.
Now, if you want to load flash ( you need to put a card in what ever is the "C" drive (right click start, click explore, find your "c" drive.
What is confusing is the error message. It tells you to free up memory vs "your drive is empty, please insert card"
Bless the coder's but the lack of common sense is, well, ya know!

Good luck

I had the problem ever since I loaded firefox. My videos will not play. I found a solution and it has work.
Download the flash player and pick your OS and browser type ( Firefox ). Save the download on your desktop and then install. It should work.
I'm having the same problem. On one computer it will not run at all. It was working fine 2 weeks ago.

I re-downloaded it through IE, still nothing.

If anyone has a fix please post.
I have the same problem, on a brand new laptop, after 2 weeks, right after I updated mozilla, it stopped working. I have chrome too, that one doesn't work either, only IE, but I hate IE. Vista sucks. I tried uninstalling the last updates for vista and still nothing. I keep getting the error message, that mozilla couldn't connect to the server, although other programs are fine, e.g. IE or steam work.
I have this same issue as you guys are with my Vista system. My Firefox won't establish a connection anymore, Chrome and Safari browsers don't work neither, only IE works. I tried downloading and installing an older version of mozilla that I had before this one and it still won't establish a connection. I think one of Microsoft update did it... my guess is they don't want us to use other browsers.
If anyone knows how to get around it please post.
I'm having exactly the same problem. Firefox said it wanted to update, and I downloaded the update. Bam, no connection, like my internet is down. Except, it's not down. IE works just fine.

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