Windows xp dosent want me to repair it!!!

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ok so i was trying to install world of warcraft on my laptop (dont judge me) and i needed more room in my hard drive for all the patches, so i went into my hard drive and i think i deleted something in the SYSTEM file that i shouldnt have, so now whenever i start up my computer it says
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
and it tells me the whole put the cd in and start windows setup and press r to start repair. However there is one small problem, even when i put the windows xp disk in and change my settings to where the cd-rom boots up before anything else does, the exact same error message pops up and anything that i try to do at the setup menu that requires any type of loading or booting is always interrupted by the same error message
Pealse help i swear ill never try to install world of warcraft ever again :'(

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Dear Sir,

There might be the possibility that the specific file is either missing or corrupted. I will advise you to get through the below instructions for having the problem solved.

Thank you.