WindowXP can't boot up

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 chris - Oct 31, 2008 at 07:44 AM
I had this problem just now, im was just playing online game, when suddenly, my monitor just turned black and says that a had a corrupted suddely just restarted..i had no idea wat was the file corrupted.

When it resarted, my keyboard was useless, its like not connected with power
Monitor shows only black screen, no sign of any loading of windows
Windows can't boot up
CPU keeps on beeping and restarting...

Can please somebody help not a computer geek please help me... i need some important files on my drive...

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Hi there,

If your computer is beeping straight after turning it on, it is a hardware fault so maybe your cpu/motherboard/ram/power supply have some problems. However your data should be safe (just don't kick your computer).
To find out what is the problem, you have to listen to the beep codes that comes from your computer and then go online to find out what that beep code mean by searching the beep codes for you motherboard. e.g (if it is 3 short beeps, it may be a ram problem).
Once you have found which hardware is faulty. Open up your computer case and reinstall that faulty component. It may be that dust has got into the electrical contacts so reinserting the component might fix the problem. If it still doesn't work after reinstalling the component. You might have to buy a new one of that faulty component.

Hope that helps