How can I create a desktop icon for Hotmail

 Samuel -
I have 2009 Windows Vista with IE 7. I've looked everywhere online and on the Hotmail inbox page, but cannot find out how to get a HOTMAIL ICON on my desktop. Is it even possible? There are a couple places online that seem to indicate how to do it, but the directions aren't right somehow.

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Hi - this is possible, I just did it. Right click on your desktop and go to "Create shortcut", it may be under one of the subfolders. I use Win 7 and it's under "New". Type the URL for the shortcut that you wish to create, in this case and click "Next". Type a name for the shortcut "Hotmail" then your shortcut should be ready. Check the shortcut works. If it does go back to your desktop and right click on your shortcut and click "Properties". Go to the tab "Web document" and you should see a "Change Icon" option. This should bring up lots of icons that are already saved on your computer and the MSN one may be there. Even if it isn't you can follow this link where you can download the image for the MSN icon and save to your icons file then just repeat the process of "Properties"..."Change icon" etc...

I hope this helps.
Thank you

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Worked for me in 10 seconds thanks for the tip

Thanks so much for sending your suggestion. It's the only one that has worked and I SO appreciate it. Having VISTA creates issues that are a challenge to work with that other systems don't have to deal with. I would never get it again... Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

I tried doing the same as stated on the article. But, could not make it happen. Do I need to create a new Hotmail account to add a desktop icon on my PC. Please reply.