PC can't boot pass the Dell Splash Screen?

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I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100. I've had it for a little over a year now. I'm a big gamer and recently, after a long day's worth of gaming, I decided to restart my computer. Once the computer shut off and then turned back on, it couldn't get pass the Dell Splash screen. I can't use F2 or F12 and it completely freezes on me. The loading bar goes only half way.

I took it to Geek Squad but they couldn't do anything for me since the PC couldn't boot up and they only recommended me paying them money to ship it to Dell in order for them to fix it. I've learned from the past that most problems like this are caused by the hard drive failing.. can this be the problem?

As of now, I'm ordering all my recovery disk for the model of my computer and going to replace the hard drive with a new one and hopefully this will fix the problem..

What are your thoughts on the problem.. and what should I do?

Thanks! any help is appreciated!

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This just happened to me, and it was actually really easy to fix--I just unplugged it, took out the battery, and held down the power button to discharge built up static. I don't know if this is always the fix, but you might want to try it as a first step.
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I can hardly believe it, but unplugging peripherals and restarting was all it took. I was ready to take my desktop computer to a repair shop....now it restarted on the first try after pulling out the keyboard and a few other usb connections. Thanks!
Perfect.... lots of solutions tried....none worked. Sometimes it is the simple things.
Periphials all proved ok... it was just residuals on the Chipsets
Many thanks

Thank you! This worked! Was about ready to give up
Found that a usb mouse receiver was jamming things up. Now to clean up the fallout...
This is mainly hardware related. Try:
1. remove your ram modules and put them back on 1 at the time.
2. remove your cd cable fro the motherboard
3. check that your fans are working properly.
If none of these work its likely to be:
1. Motherboard failure
2. CPU failure

Hope it helps

Unplugging my hard drive, booting up without it, and then turning off and plugging it back in worked for me :)
Thank you so much michelle...you saved me :) God bless you