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im really stuck. I first upgraded my pc from xp service pack 2 to vista hom basic. After realising that most of my hardware did not work with vista, I down graded to xp service pack 3. Everything seems to be working fine now except for the speakers. Please tell me what to do.

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Ok so the first thing to check is whether your audio driver is actually working. Do you get any sound at all? This might be due to the wrong configuration of your driver or incompatibility with the os/ service pack that you have. I would suggest that you uninstall and install the audio driver again. Be careful not to download any spyware or malware while doing so.

Also, check whether the Master Volume is not set to mute all. You can make sure that it works by selecting your audio options in the control panel. Now that you have checked this, ensure that the speaker are properly plugged in and that they are on... I know this might seem stupid but it does happen sometimes when the focus is turned to a deeper issue with the computer.

Good luck
Thank you

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I've been hearing about USB speakers and headphones. You might want to check it out. It is said to be an alternative if you don't have sound.
all I had to do was go to Start>Control panel>sounds>manage audio devices>right click on the default audio and click properties>click properties again> on the tabs click drivers>and click roll back drivers if you recently updated any type of drivers, then it should work
The sound is working,but it sounds like donaldduck.706-632-2795Tell me what to do?
Thanks this is 2 years later but I used your advice and it worked :)
If I want to listen in any internet songs such as youtube, any tv channels, I dont get any sound. Now what can I do?
i fixed my problem by going to control panel> hardware and sound>sound>right click speakers> press configure speakers> then press quadraphonic and it should work
1-Go To,Start,Run,write:Regedit
2-From the list choose,a.Hkey-Local-Machine,b.System,c.Current control set,d.Control,e.Windows,f.From the right side choose,CsdVersion.
3.It displays box has valu data=300,Change to:200.
4.Downlaod,,install it.
5.After the program had finished up,install ur driver Now.
6.If ur board is Intel, got to Automatic scan and Downlaod the driver.
7.I hope that help u, if yes, pls, feed back, so everybody can know.
8.These steps are copied from diff. web site.
My volume is working but I can't hear any sound. What's wrong?
Do you need a cd or something to install a driver for speakers?
My mum was trying to clear up space on her computer and she must of deleted something so now the speakers don't work and theres no buttons anywhere about speakers.. HELP!!
I've had a similar problem, but a bit stranger. About a week ago, I installed a game and everything had been going well. Just a couple days ago though, the sound on my computer speakers won't work. They are plugged in correctly and everything, I even tried them on another pc and they work fine. When I go on Start > Control Panel > Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices > Sounds and Audio Devices Properties ... It says: No Audio Device. After clicking on the Audio Tab, it shows that my default device is: "Modem #0 Line Playback". The other device is: "SB Live! wave device". The SB Live device comes up correctly, but still no sound. And I know that the Modem #0 device is suppose to be the correct device for the speakers. Now, the strange thing about this is, the video game that I had installed has sound. But it is the only game that has it, and nothing else on the computer has sound. Please help, thanks.
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Thanks all
my voice does not work on my computer but my speakers do. how do I fix this?
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i get the same problem but I can hear sound through my microphone headphones but not my computer speakers
check control panel - sound (classic view)...turn one off or one on and see how it changes where your sound is coming from.
first go to start then click run then type in devmgmt.msc a box will appear right click on the first icon it may be your computer name click scan for hardware changes
how do you get your speakers to work 4 youur computer because mine wont work 4 mi any more every since I restarted mi computer n now I cant go to certain programs that I usually go to why is that I neeed to know as soon as possible ok dont leave mi hangin here
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i only was able to fix the internal speakers. the external speakers were always OK. See reply 6 to see what I did.
Try reinstalling windows and all the drivers.
I cant offer any more. I will not be following this thread any more.
how am I suppose to know that
i went to control panel and it said my speakes were not plugged in but I checked and they were so what do I do ?
you may need new speakers or to uninstall windows 7.
Watch the documentary Occupation 101 and it will show you step by step on how to fix those speakers. I had a similar problem not to long ago, it's an easy fix. Good Luck and I hope everything works out.
hi,there. have u tried updating ur sound card or devices.
or even checked ur system volume (try simpliest first)
even ur audio drivers may need updating . or just check ur speakers could simly of give up just like mine did, it happens.check all wires.
even find what type and make speakers u have and find drivers on the tintin et.also check for any conflicts in ur audio devices and drives.
device manager. should tell u
good luck.

ps or buy new... sorted
tried every comment back.. none work!! I need help please
my speakers arnt working and do sothing about it plz if not reply it would be helpful
I was able to resolve my problem of only one speaker working when using Windows Media Player by going into Media Player's 'Now Playing'>'Enhancements'>'SRS WOW Effects' and changing the features to 'turn off'. I hope this helps!
just use system restore to fix the problem.... I too experienced it just this morning! and then I try System restore on it and it works...