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hellow, ive just ordered a laptop out of a catalogue and i would like it up and running by xmas nt fanily have a computer with internet access at home but im wishing to have a laptop with internet access so as that i can use it at my girlfriends house how would i go about setting this up because a work colleague told me you can buy a card that will access it anywhere, but i need to know from the begining how id firstly set it up? i would really appreciate it if i hear of you soon sorry to be putting all this onto you. thankyou very much for your kind help


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Nov 2, 2008 at 07:11 AM
Yes indeed you can do it. So before purchasing your laptop for Christmas, you should ensure that it has a PC card or so called pcmia slot so that the card can be inserted in the laptop, you can hence use your cell phone (yes this is not a joke) to be able to get the connection anywhere. The cell phone should somehow have a data port and you will also need to purchase a special device that will allow connection between your cell phone and your laptop. You should somehow know that the connection will alter depending on the places where you are as well as the signal that you will have through the cell phone.

You can also use a Bluetooth device that will help you get a wireless connection where hotspots are available. You can ask the manufacturer (or retailer) or your laptop if it is provided with an integrated Bluetooth system. Else, you can use a wireless usb hub that will help you to connect to the wireless connection available. Hop I have helped you somehow.