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Someone please give me the requirements to run this MasterPiece please :D:D:D:D:D

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You can go to to see the req, if it saids you cant run it you cant run it dont be retarded and buy the game like me. Oh this website is wrong I can run it... umm nope... maybe next year I can get a better video card and cpu...
hai,i am bored playing gta sanandreas I want grand theft auto iv but I have confusion about playing gta iv in my computer please solve my problem
os:windows vista sp 1

video card:512 mb

ram: 4 gb

processor:pentiumd 3.0 ghz

can I play gta iv on low graphics
ha ha ha you all r fools I have 128 inbuild garphic card 512 ram nd still I can play it................want to no how I just downloaded a patch which is 48 mb in size nd millions worth value.........after putting the patch I can play the game easily its running smoothly so go buy another graphic card :-p ha ha ha ha
How will work GTA 4 ON : AMD Athlon(tm) 64bit 3200+ 1.79GHz, 1.00GB RAM 8400GS 512mb
Hey Can any one tell me if this Computer Will work with GTA 4 To play the Game

Acer ASX3200 Desktop PC with 19in Widescreen Monitor
Can I play gta IV with 2x1,9ghz and 2gb ram windows vista service pack 1 and ati radeon mobile hd 2400 (notebook)?
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Quad core is definately NOT a requirement of GTA4 as its written for dual core
Ok here is what I have

*Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU 2.00GHz Processor
*3.00GB of Ram
*600GB Hard Drive
*ATI HD4870 1GB DDR5

And for some reason the game is still running choppy, I have overclocked my video card 780GHz, 1090GHz, fan speed at 60% while in game 30% while out of game, temp stays at about 42 C. in game, and 32 C. out of game, I really can't figure out what it is that could possibly be slowing down this game, please someone help me before I loose my mind.
i have a Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family vid card can I update or already play rainbow six
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R6 Vegas 2 will not run on intergrated Video chipsets, I wouldnt attempt it unless you have at very least a Geforce 7600 or better
i have a windows vista premium with service pack 1 what can I do to install rainbow six vegas 2
Ok if you guys really want to run gta 4 without and choppy buisness you will need first a motherboard that supports DDR3 RAM and atleast 6GB of 7-7-7-20 1333ghz a 1gb video card that can run at speeds of 775,1000.
the game was built for a intel core duo, not quad, not dual quad, so don't go and buy a new processor, but then again that may be you problem, the big problem with everyone and this game is that we are still one step behind running a ddr2 ram that is toooooo slooooooooooooow for this new age game that we all want to play of very high. all together you will spend about 240 to 300 dollars on the ram and motherboard. GL have fun
Ok guys, I went ahead and built a computer for this game, just becuase it showed me how out of date I was with my hardwareaw, I went and got a phenomII 905 use to have a duel core, and gta4 ate that thing alive, got a hd4870 1gb video card, do not do crossfire with this game, you will actually get lower fps then you would running with just one card, rather then two, I got 4gb of ddr3 ram 7-7-7-7-20, I got a gigabyte motherboard, my tower has 6 120mm fans, 680watt power supply, DVI TO DVI 2ms 25" lcd monitor, and 1 terabyte of memory, cost me all together about 1200 dollars for the tower, and 400 for the screen, I went from 12fps to 79fps with this change, the core duo is the minimum requerments for this game, so don't listen to this guy and have a processor that will get eaten alive......
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check on the top or the thread, you will get all the requirements.
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Even the reccomended spec at top of this thread are weak for this game...seriously a 8600? even a 8800 only gets an average framerate of 30-40fps using that rig, so a 8600 would be lucky to get 10-15fps. I'm certain developers pull the reccomended specs out of thin air without real world testing.
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this question has already been answered with the correct answer.
helloo guys,

i owned gt4 but m not able to play ..

my system config is ..:

Processor: Intel quad core 3.0 ghz
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista ultimate
Memory: 16 gb ram, 4 TB hard disk space
Video Card: 2gb NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 5800 (now latest)

Plzz .. help me out ... :-(
Can I run Gta Iv :

Intel Quad core 2 extreme 2.4 ghz
Nvidia Geforce 9800 Gtx
4 Gb ram
1 Terrabyte harddisk
yes u can slammer, your specs are pretyy much above the requirements, u probs be able to play on high settings to very high on average 80fps mayb?
Yes you can run it super
My system specs are:
Athlon X2 6000+ (3 GHz)
ATI X1650Pro (256 MB)

I installed GTA4, but when run it is like a comix (1-2 FPS).
In the taskmanager I saw it ran using only one core.
How can I force somehow the game to use the second core as well.
(I know, with 256 MB of videoRAM I will run the game with the minimum resolution, but it's good for a while if it will run on ignorable speed.)

Thanx for the advices I got.
None of them could help but it doesn't matter. :)
Finally I updated the chipset and processor driver, and the game runs fine.
OK, on the minimal (or close to) resolution, but it's because my videocard, which contains only 256 MB of DDR3 RAM.
So first update the drivers and a 1 GB videocard is strongly recommanded if U'd like to see more details and viewing distance!
You could play on max with core2quad (with 6mb cash no less) 4gb ddr3(not ddr2) 8600GT or better(with 2gb no less) hdd sata (with 8mb no less)!(some lags on pirated still) But better corei7 with the same configuration for maximum on pirated version of game!
Dude I got these specifications
Intel core 2 quad Q8200 2.33Ghz
2 Gb of Ram
Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT -1Gb
Plenty of HDD space
OS- Windows 7

game works well bt after a while the camera starts shaking like hell
Razor crack works well on pirated version of game,soon price will fall from 50 to 5$(after final crack,which in fact will be new exe compiled module) so you could buy it legally, but remember r*,if you wish to finish pirating,you should first calculate price of your game to your head month salary(income) in percents 0,00000000001% LOL,so you could sell others your game in the same rate! then pirating will be finished!
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