Dv6 laptop crashes when playing games

 Supersumo -

my laptop has issues whenever I'm in a game - WoW, CoD, anything that takes any kind of graphical power. I don't even have to do much ingame - just log in, stand around doing nothing at all, and wham - crash.

Three things can happen;
It either gives me a purple screen with vertical stripes (yes, graphics issue right there) - this is the least frequent.
It can also just simply shut down, with a tiny little 'wheep' sound. (Sounds like a heating issue, non?)
Or, the most frequent one; Everything freezes. Screen, sound, mouse, everything. I have to then close down my laptop by pressing the power button untill it stops squirming and wait for 5-10 minutes before turning it back on. If I don't wait, it does the same 'wheep' noise and shuts down for me.

Now, to try and solve heating issues, I have already invested in a can of compressed air that I clean the fan with atleast once a week, while the computer is on to get the best possible circulation - and I have invested in a Logitech N100 cooling pad.

The cooling pad -does- take off 10-20 degrees celcious - depending on whether I have my window open or not. But it works at its best when I am -not- playing a game, but simply just doing study work.

I have tried updating my drivers - there's no available update. They're apparently all up to speed.

And I have tried various things like shutting down all other programs etc. And playing any game on the lowest possible settings. But it continuously does this.

I'm guessing that the only thing to do is bring it to get repaired - but I'd like to ask here if anyone ever has similar issues.

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well what you said up there hapens to me to but its the ram in the pc ... it just cant take it.... laptops are realy not used for gameing at all... they over heat.. like u said but what u said up there is all right ....youre laptop just cant take the games.. its way to much for it ... but its not for all laptops some can ..and some cant...
it can all so be the hard drive to there is so many hard drives out there some spin faster and some slower to save power ...its just not built for gameing here try this link it will give u some info no hard drivs and what u may what to look into ...

Yeh, i have exactly the same problem. I have a Dv6 and whenever i play CoD, Medal of Honor or any other game itjust crashes. I have recently taken it to john lewis as the fan was playing up, so they replaced it. Then my laptop started to shut down when playing games. I can really here the fan working, even in less demanding games. I haven't noticed the game freeze and never had the purple lines. All i have is the 'wheep' sound and shuts down.
I am going to talk to HP and if they have any solutions i will post them to you.