Can't connect to certain websites

sam - Nov 5, 2008 at 06:04 AM
 raducj - Nov 5, 2008 at 06:13 AM

i'm using win xp serv pack 2.............i cant open orkut and you tube in my system.....if i try 2 open these sites .........the page is closed and some error note is displayed such as [orkut is banned you fool,the admininistrator didnt write the program guess who did it?? Muhaha!!] please help me

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well seems to me that you have a big ass virus in your system and now it will be a good time to forma the c: partition and install a fresh copy of windows:)
you could try some antiviruses but most likely they will not work because once your system gets infected it is very hard for most of the antiviruses to clean or disinfect your system so because of that format is the best because cleans anything(your unwated viruses,your most savesgames and most of the files and programs installed on your hdd drive) but the sinver side of the coin is that you dont have the viruses anymore imaging that you have only one partition because if you have many more likelyy a lot of exe files from other partitions have been infected too so i would not want to be in your shoes right now considering how many things i have on my pc:)
good luck with the format mate