System Reboots while repairing Windows XP

yogi1984 - Nov 5, 2008 at 03:24 PM
 yogi1984 - Nov 21, 2008 at 07:08 AM

I am having an Intel based Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows XP home edition. I was facing lots of problems after I SP3 got installed through automatic update. I updated some of my drivers through Toshiba website and problem solved for few days. But again my system has started freezing so I though to remove SP3 and reinstall it. I was able to remove SP3 by add remove in SAFE mode. My problems werent solved as windows was not letting me update through their website so I tried their system restore utility. After this restore the whole laptop is a mess as I am not able to log on through any mode and system just keeps rebooting itself.

I thought to repair windows through CD and luckily I got winxp home edition cd from one of my friend. I have my own xp genuine key. Now the problem is when I reboot through CD it goes well till the screen appears for choosing between different options to repair or reinstall or escape.. and just after this screen the laptop restarts itself again..

and this is going on and on.. I would like to have some expert advice on this.. what to do now.. I dont want to lose my data.. Please suggest me some ways to repair windows xp on my laptop or to solve the issue of reboot while its installing through xp cd..

I would be really grateful to you..


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I had the same problem on a regular pc & the problem was only the cable that goes from the main board to the disk drivers I now that its strange but that solved the problem for me
hope that this works

Thanks for your response.. I also get the similar error that a cable is missing. Can you please elaborate how you solved this problem. It would be of a great help to me.. Eagerly waiting for your reply..

I tried repairing windows xp through win xp Cd.. It has completed first stage where it deletes old files and copies new ones and than restarts automatically..

The problem is system is going in endless reboot mode and not proceeding to second step of installation.. it loads the windows xp screen with black background .. finishes it off with a black screen a arrow comes and it restarts again..

Please help me out I am really pissed off
it's a virus.. i have same probs too...
yogi1984 > uCitEa
Nov 21, 2008 at 07:08 AM
Which Virus? can you elaborate on how to remove it? I have formatted my system but still windows is getting freezed in normal start up but works fine in Safe mode.. I dont know what weird things are going on here..