Laptop not starting-keys turn blue then off

Robin Rayn - May 23, 2010 at 10:47 AM
 Sarika - May 24, 2010 at 01:33 AM
I have a DV6500 HP Laptop with windows Vista. It had been on for about 45 min when I decided to stream a watch instant netflix video online via a Firefox browser window. I walked away for a min and when I got back my laptop was off. At first I though maybe I had accidentally turned it off so I went to turn it back on and when I hit the power button the keys turned blue for a sec, the screen didnt even try to initialize, and then the whole thing went dark. I tried taking out battery, unplugging cord, and even tried holding the power button down for 60 sec and nothing worked. The only thing that happened as I was holding the power button down for 60 sec was the lights kept going on and off every other second on the keyboard but nothing every started up. PLZ HELP! I just had to replace harddrive 7 months ago and now the laptop is doing this. All it does is sit on my desk and it cant manage to not have a problem.... any ideas?...plz

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Hey Hiii

In this situation u need to check your hardware parts in your laptop.
or else Your window maybe corrupted so for that.

Hardware engg should be check the parts. from your end you need to try bootable Cd and check weather setup starts or not if setup starts means window is corrupted if not than u should go professionally let engg check all there hardware parts. if u need help do reply me i'll tell u how to check the parts.

Thanking you