Help with monitor/videocard

Maddog - Nov 6, 2008 at 03:03 PM
 Maddog - Nov 6, 2008 at 05:00 PM
My monitor has decided its not going to work today. And this comes from about the last 3 weeks of weird stuff happening. Monitor will 'go to sleep' mode and not wake up unless u restart pc. it just flashes off to blank screen, doesn't matter if the pc is active or idle. The pc has been hanging up during boot cycle and i have to manually reset it. My online gaming has gotten reall laggy here of late, but they have been doing alot of work to work on the latency issues as i am not the only one with this problem but i cant rue it completly out. PC blue screened this morning saying HARDWARE MALFUNCTION. I checked all cords. I have cleaned the machine with compressed air to remove any dust. I hooked my pc up to another monitor and after about 3 minutes the monitor came on after manually pushing the monitor power button. so i thought it was my old monitor but it wasn't. I switched the 2 video cards. My main pc which is a soyo k7vta pro would boot up but no monitor. the spare pc which is an ecs motherboard booted up jsut fine with the video card from the soyo. so i thought ok its not the video card. so i switch the vid cards back to original machines and now neither machine has graphics. they boot up just fine same ole same ole sounds, fans boot up, lights come on, but no monitor. I have 2 different montiros that i have tried, so i know its not the montior. could the motherboard be bad on both? the spare pc is not really ever used anymore. Could my vid card been bad and since i stuck it in the other machine could it have caused as problem there? Is my port bad on the board, and sticking the good vid card into it made it go bad? Im semi computer literate so i understand most of this stuff, but im having a go with this one. Yes the ecs machine worked fine before i tried all this switching around so i know all the parts worked as to why i was using them for my medium. as for the 2 graphics cards 1 is a nvidia geforce 4 maybe a 5 ( as i cant look it up atm) which is the one attached to soyo board on the ecs board winfastgeforce2 mx max which as far as i know are compatible with both mobo's. if you need any more specs let me know and i can post them. any suggestions or ideas please reply. send me a personal email at i_maddog78 at yahoo dot com.

i also used a working power supply on the soyo machine and still nothing so its not the psu already tried that route. i have also tried booting it up without my soundblaster card and that does nothing. but since i got the blue screen hardware malfunction and i have no video i have come to the conclusion that it is my video card or motherboard. but if it was my video card why would it have worked in the other machine. and if it was my mobo why does neither of my machines have video now. Could it be the port on the soyo was bad and by plugging in the other card to it ahve messed up that card. idk i am so confused with all this any and all replies are appreciated.

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jsut constantly messing around with the computers and bringing a thirid pc into the mix i got the spare computer with the ecs mobo to read the monitor again, although its having a hard time booting up, i think this old wd 20g has about had it. using restore disk on it now just to see if that works. i think somehow i possibly reset bios by manually having to shut it down cuz i had no monitor. my orginal computer still doesn't see the monitor. so either my agp port is bad, mobo is bad, or card. although the vid card did work in other machine. if any one has any suggestions i could try before going out and buying a new mobo and vid card plz reply here or send me a email i_maddog78 at yahoo dot com.