A disk read error occurred ctrl alt del

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I have a Acer Notebook PC with 320 3 GB HD, 3 GB RAM, DVD+RW, My Os is windows vista ultimate. Today when I start my computer, suddenly it slows down. I switched off the laptop. After when I start again, I see a message " A disk error occurred, Press Alt Ctrl Delete to restart. I press these button several time but It remains the same error. Could you please give me advice? Thank you

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1. Checking (replacing) all cables (including power cable)
Boot still failed
2. Reset boot device order in BIOS (tried multiple combinations)
Boot still failed
3. Setting bios to default settings
Boot still failed
4. Resetting bios (remove and reinstall battery)
Boot sill failed
5. Chkdsk (from backup drive)
Drive checks good. Boot still failed
6. Defragmented affected drive (from backup drive)
THIS SEEMED TO FIX THE PROBLEM! (Not sure why, but disk read error is gone)
Thank you

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I suspect that your hard disk has failed. You will need to purchase a new disk and re-install your copy of Windows. If you buy a USB hard disk adapter you may be able to save some or all of the data on the failed disk.

Good Luck