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I am trying to find a way to put my laptop on my TV. I have converters for the 3 A/V cords (3 colored cords). For some reason, it doesn't seem like either of my TVs are reading my laptop. I switch to the video channel that should work (I know because it works on my PS2) and nothing comes up. Is there some kind of driver I need to make my laptop send out the right signals to the TV?

The video is connected using this exact VGA to RCA cable.

Thanks in advance!

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You need to get a VGA cable for the picture and a Speaker phone cable for the sound. Then put the TV on PC and press FN and F3(it will have a 3d square) on your laptop to transfer the picture from your laptop to your TV.
What about the sound?
i think you just get a cable from radio shack that goes from headphone male part on one end to audio (or RCA?) on the other. so on that end, it's like a white and a red part.
I have a Dell Inspiron e1505 that I am trying to set up to my shapr aquas lc3742u using VGA. I dont know if this is something you could help me with. I appreciate you assistance in advance if so.
hi, my laptop does not have a vga jack... I just bought a 3mini-to-rca stereo a/v cable. is it possible to use that? I just put it in my headphone and now I dont know what to do next... please reply
I have that same wire and have been looking for quite some time on a way to use it to connect my e1505 to my Tv for quite some time now. Any help would be appreciated.
Hy! same problem here... with sony 32p5500 brand new, first set making "no sync" also when browsing or on a standalone picture/desktop viewing, changed the set with a new other one in market, this one getting "no sync" only when playng movies.... it's driving me crazy... no solution yet
You Can try an S-Video cord most TV'S and Laptops have them. They cost about $10 at Walmart or Target. My laptop didn't but my Moms Home computer and TV had it and is transferred audio and video. Good luck to you all !!
IF you are still having troubles, one of the 'F-something' buttons usually has a small picture of two squares that look like computer screens. (on my laptop it is F8)
You will need to hold the fuction key (fn) on your laptop and press F8, or whichever button has a picture of two computer screens
But, what do you need to have the TV on in order for the computer screen to appear on it? I have the cord plugged in and I've pressed the correct button (on my Sony Vaio it's F7), but all that happens is that my computer screen goes black. To use my DVD player the TV has to be on HDMI 2, but that isn't working for my VGA...
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Nov 22, 2009 at 06:29 AM
Press the TV INPUT SOURCE button to change the input source to your TV for example EXT7

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youll probablly have to press fn and f4 at the same time about 3 to 4 times to get the screen to work. escpecially if you have an hp
hi I have an acer aspire 5315 laptop what cables do I need to connect it up to my sanyo widescreen tv not lcd or ne fancy just standard so I can hook it up to watch my laptop on my tv please help will be so greatful is it vga cable I need
I have red, yellow, white ports on tv .

SANYO 32" Widescreen television CE32WN4 thats the makke of my tv .
Hi I also have an acer 5315 laptop. Does this laptop have a HDMI port?

who ever thinks and brought the cable vga to component they wont work
between TV & laptop. These cables are designed to use for projectors only.

VGA technology(RGBHV) and component cable uses (YPbPr) are not directly convertible
with a cable. They need some hardware in between to convert the signal.

you can never make to work this using a just cable only.
Hey Rav,

So I purchased the VGA cable that converts to component cables at this computer store. The guy at the computer store told me to go to bestbuy and purchase component cables that attach to the VGA cables and plug into my tv. I plugged everything in and nothing is showing up on my tv. I read your post and now I want to return the component cables and that stupid VGA converted to component thingy. Which cable do you recommend I should buy because its a huge pet peeve of mine of having to return something that the supposed knowledged employee told me to buy lol.

Thanks for your post. It took a lot of engine searching to find an answer to my question that sounded logical. :)

Hey before you try any of the above answers, make sure your system settings when you right click on the desktop has the proper monitor attached. If it is not listed as attached your flatscreen will not read the vga cable or hdmi wutever t is your using. Make sure you attach the second monitor then click apply. you will know what I mean If you already have it in the proper setting. Hope you get your problem solved soon, try using google earth on your flatscreen with flight simulater mode. really cool
Hi I have a problem connecting my Dell Studio 1537 to my Panasonic TV Model: TH-58PZ800U. When I connect it using my HDMI, my screen adjusts its res. settings on my laptop but I get no picture on my TV. I use the HDMI 2 input and its nothing but a black screen. Any ideas?
i have a hp pavilion dv9000 and bought a VGA to 3 RCA cable and I also have the problem that none of my tv's will pick it up, I have a logic 28" gaming tv and also a 42" LG both full HD. I know that the Laptop has its own computer cable but my gaming tv does not have the VGA built in like the LG.. any help?
Well... First, what model is your laptop? What kind of tv do you have?... Most can be done by going into display properties in the Control Panel, and then use settings for CRT TV 720x480, High Color (16 bit), 60 Hertz (if the setting isnt there your card doesn't support TV out).
sir ,
my laptop model is PCG-FR77J/B sony vaio and I dont know which type I used the cable from latop to tv and how I put in my laptop plz give me the answer
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Oct 14, 2009 at 07:17 AM
hi im having a sony vaio laptop and OG11 to connect sony laptop to OG11 tv.please mail this solution.
just press fn and f5 together
sir I have a dell laptop inspiron 13" computer and 32" sharp flat television and I brought EFORCITY Premium VGA to RCA Component Cable M / M, 12 ft (3.66m) Black so how to connect to the computer to tv?i tried a lot but I was not success so can u please help me to connect
try pluging in the cable...
i have a acer aspire 5520 laptop and a mini video projector (only yellow composite input no vga) I get the picture through but there are three of the displays all next to eachover
u have a laptop there is a fn key ... with ctrl button at left ... press it hold it and try pressing while holding F5, F8 , F11 or others in case ive googled it and found these solutions but didnt tried ...
or see comments
Legen thanks, was having the same black screen prob and resolved thanks to you chaps. One love.
sir I have a hp lap top windows xp ang I cant see my movies on my tv and I already bought the vga cable and I connected it and I still cant see any thing
I was on the laptop trying all this different stuff I keep reading all kind of post do fn plus f4 and I heard you can use fn f8 what I did for shit and giggles I just roled back my driver the one that was not working meaning the screen and now the res is right on the money and tv is working great SO ROLL BACK YOUR DRIVES IN THE DISPLAY SETTING .......................
Hi Friends,

I bought a new Sony Bravia 32" HDTV (KDL 32S5500U) - HD Ready (720P). I conneced my hp laptop to HDTV via VGA. I think the resolution adjusted itself when I made it as my second screen and everything works fine (Both Audio and Video). But when I play movies from harddisk (Any player - vlc, media center....) or from youtube ON FULLSCREEN, I get a error PC No sync every 2 mins and that stays only for a sec or 2 and then the display comes back. This happens only when I make it full screen and nothing happens when I browse. This happenes only when I play vedios and make it full screen. Anyone please help... No solution on any forum... Stressed with it for last 5 days.
I have exactly the same problem using a KDL 32P5500 icw a HP nx8200 laptop with a ATI X600 card.

The problem seems to be something with the first (or last) section of the TV signal being black. You can test this by making a picture with a thick black border and viewing this full-screen. This will also cause the no-sync error. It least, it does here.

So it has nothing to do with playing video, just the the upper and lower part of the display are black borders.
You will see that when you play 3:4 video (using VLC for example) there is no problem.

Unfortunately I don't have a solution for this problem yet. So if you find something please let me know. I have informed the sony helpdesk.
mrBrown > mrBrown
Sep 12, 2009 at 05:00 AM
After waiting for two weeks the sony helpdesk can with the following solution:

"The problem is with the graphics adaptor of your laptop. Please have the settings checked".

In other words: "We don'n know what you are talking about, we don't listen to your problems (Itold them I tried with three different pc's and different settings) and we don't fucking care. Just get off our back.".
Very dissapointing imo.
try putting it in safe mode then restating it worked for me¬
Hey Guys

I have a new sony flat screen and watch web TV through my HP laptop connected to the VGA port and I'm having the exact same problem, and it is driving me crazy. Every minute or so the screen goes black and it say "no sync" and then it comes back on after a couple of seconds - very annoying.

So booting in safe mode fixes the problem? I will need to do safe-mode with networking. I will try tonight if this works, but I would like to figure out a real solution. If anyone does, let me know and I will do the same
safe mode doesn't work at all to watch web tv. I thought changing the screen resolution to 600X800 or whatever is the lowest would help, but I still got the "no snyc" thing every now and again. I am in France - maybe it is something with a US laptop and a European TV (grasping at straws). I messed with monitor setting and no luck, as well.
Still no solution jet :(..... the problem is from the tv 100% I have also an older bravia that works perfect on vga port.... I think there is an factory issue..don't know I'l send the set in warranty to see what happends
Contacted sony about the "no sync" problem.

They told me that the graphics card settings of my laptop were the problem. However, I tested it with two different laptops and a desktop pc (which I told sony when I reported the problem), so sony's reply was not very helpfull.....

Think the only solution is to return the TV to the store I bought it and get my money back.
Hi does anybody know if my Acer Aspire 5315 laptop is able to use a hdmi cable?
Hello everybody!!
I don`t get it why everybody are looking to have a more complicated time?
I just brought a simple 16usd VGA cable,male/male and connected my Sony Vaio VGN FS570 to my Vizio 47" trought its RGB port.
I set uo my display at 1280 x 1024 , 32 Bit and Voilaa My Home teather is ready.
I watched my Netflix movies,Hulu shows,my avi collectios and I`m surfing the net with a stunning 47" HD display...confortable sat in y recl couch..

The quality is perfect and as I`m not looking for HDMI quaity which is not present in most of my movies I`m good!

optional buy : bluetooth mini keyboard

So in few words my old laptop which I was selling for few hundred bucks is now upgraded to an expensive and complet Media Player.

Enjoy Yourselves too

khan > alfio63
Oct 26, 2009 at 01:35 PM
lucky you dont know why mine still aint working!! !:(