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When I want to save a web page as a shortcut on my computer I get an icon on my desktop but when I try to open it it tells me the ' Application cannot be found'

I have always been able to this OK but I was messing about on my computer last week and cannot do it now.

I can create a shortcut from my dicuments to the desktop but cannot create a web page shortcut. Hope someone can work out what I have done.

Thank You

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Hello you just try to repair in control panel and then double click default programps / set your default programps / internet explorer / choose default for this programps / select all and save / ok . hope you to be ............
Thank you

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Thank you, this worked perfectly desktop shortcuts working fine
i had exactly the same problem for months and just tried this and it works. thank you so much. this really used to annoy me so much :).
Thank you -easy fast fix :)
Thank You so muchhhhh
Thank you sooooooooooooo much.
I have the same problem. Did you get it fixed? If so can you tell me how.
I too had same problem. To solve the problem:
1. Right click on "internet explorer" icon on your desktop.
2. Click on "properties" located at most bottom.
3. Click on "Programs"
4. Click on "Make default" and also click on small box "tell me...."
5. Click on "Apply" at the bottom of window
6. Click on "OK"
And you are alll set; Hope this will work for you,
Good Luck:)
Bless you!!!!!!! I thought I had lost everything!!!!!
your a genius. This was driving me nuts. All working again
email me at it says applacation not found for every thing on my computer except mozilla firefox
im having the same problem but with all of my icons plz help
there is no button called program in the properites window

the best thing you can do is call the company that you buy internet from, for example: comcast, thats me :) . then tell them the problem and they should tell you to go to their website and download a free security system that asts a lifetime. :O
I went to IE and used their 'fix it' program...then rebooted...then went into IE properties and made sure IE was my default browser...everything works fine now...
"How to fix internet shortcut: Application Not Found!"
- When opening Browser.

This is the quickest solution to the problem.

A. when your at the Desktop press (Windows+R) and write "Control panel" ENTER.
(or open Control Panel).
B. Select "Default Programs" (if you see the overview of all files).
(or if opened Control panel > choose "Program" > "Default Programs")
C. Selext the (4-color icon) "Set your Default Programs"
(a list with programs on left will come up.)
D. Select by Default your IE "internet Explorer"
E. Select and choose from the bottom section "Set this program as default"
F. @ Test your Internet Shortcut, Does it opens naturally as it should?
YES = Internet Explorer is flawless and works.
NO = Windows can be corrupted and need a repair (Try first repair IE!)

G. If IE worked, Try change back to your old browser AFTER rebooted PC, to make sure everything is in order. should work like a charm!

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