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I Installed a program on my c drive called justcamit 1.0. It requird a reboot so I rebooted my computer and now, I cant log in to windows. It just keeps restarting over and over. Ive tried every option in f8 and my computer continues to restart withevery option at the same place. Is there anything else I could try? I dnt know much about computers and everything for my business in on it and I cant get to any of it.
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Copy file msvcrt.dll in c:\windows\system32 from other working PC to replace the one on yours.
Will work..

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Dr_E.. I love you man!!! I was looking for a solution on this issue and could only find pages full of possible solutions...
Then I saw your one-liner of replacing the DLL from another PC... FIXED!
Thanks a lot! :D
What utility did you use to overwrite the msvcrt.dll file?
how to copying that dll file into this my problem laptop. I had a same problem. the window cant logon and how could I copy that file? thanks so much!
how to copying that, I had a same problem and on searhing for this solution.
Than you,Dr_E.

You solved my serious problem.

Thousand thank you. otherwise I will reformat my HDD and lost all the valuable data.

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1.Ask someone to mount your HDD (Hard-Disk) in a different computer and save your files on it or on a disc.
2. Try "repairing" your Windows to do so do the following:
2.1. Select CD-Rom as first booting device in BIOS. (A little tricky, ask around)
2.2. Boot from the Windows® CD
2.3. Press enter after it loads the needed files
2.4. IMPORTANT: If it does not recognize your last instalation quit the setup and follow the 1. Step
3. Select your Windows instalation to repair (there should be only one) and press enter.
3.1. Wait for the hole setup to finish.

Hope it helps, Arexeus
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Try shutting down your PC manually..........wait about 45 secs, then boot up again, c if that works 4 u. If it don't, shut down again manually, wait a few secs, then boot up again, but b4 anything shows up on the screen, tap the F10 key continuously til u get a system restore window prompt. Do a system restore back 2 the day b4 u installed the software. This should work 4 u, granted it wasn't a virus infection..........Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!
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The error Im receiving about the problem is:

STOP:c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Windows Logon process system process terminated
unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000139 (0x00000000).
The System has been shut down,
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1. First clear all external device drives of CDs, DVDs, Floppy disks, etc. Verify that your hardware is compatible with the operating system.
2. Remove all external peripherals such as printers, faxes, cameras, network adapters, sound cards, and serial cards, other USB devices, etc.
3. Try to restart the computer. If you cannot restart it using the mouse or keyboard options, shut down the computer by pressing down the manual Power button for a few seconds. When the computer has completely shut down, press the button again to restart the computer.
4. As the computer restarts, press and hold the F8 key before the Windows Logo appears.
5. Use the arrow keys to select "Repair the computer" in the "Advanced Boot Options" menu.
6. Choose a keyboard layout and login using username and password.
7. Choose Startup Repair from the menu for "System Recovery Options".
8. The Startup Repair process will try to repair the computer.
9. Add each device or peripheral ONE at a time and restart the system after every addition.
10. Verify that all the software updates are installed for the current Operating system as well as on all device drivers and external third party software on the system.
11. If the computer recovers and is running, then check the "Problem Reports and Solutions" page or VISTA. Click on Start->Control Panel->System and Maintenance->Problem Reports and Solutions. This facility searches online for device driver updates and solutions to problems caused by external hardware or software.
12. If Windows Vista was installed on an older computer, determine from the computer manufacturer's website whether the BIOS setup for the old computer is compatible with Vista OS. Install updates if required.
13. If the error appears during restart (and the restart is successful in spite of the error) , set the Windows Memory Diagnostic to get more details about the problems during restart:

a. Click on Start->All Programs->Accessories. Right-click on Command-Prompt and choose "Run as administrator"
b. Enter mdshed.exe at the command prompt. Schedule the tool to run at the next restart.

14. You can also monitor and diagnose the Vista system using the Reliability and Performance Monitors to check for CPU faults and real-time monitoring of the system with the Windows performance Diagnostic Console. You will need administrator privileges to run this monitor.
This worked for me, thanks. To replace the dll I booted from a thumbdrive that had the file I wanted downloaded to it, and then simply transferred it over to the hard drive.
Thank you
U can use bootCd 9.8 or higher and then run mini Windows XP from cd. there is a way more tools on that cd.. simply copy -paste.
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thank you very much
I booted my pc form windows CD and I went to recovery ..., from drive refering to cd , i386 folder I copied the file msvcrt.dl_ to a my d: drive , then I renamed it to msvcrt.dll and finally I copied the dll file to c:\windows\system32. and after rebooting it works fine.

simply renaming msvcrt.dl_ to msvcrt.dll did not work for me. Instead I had to do "extract msvcrt.dl_" to get a workable msvcrt.dll file.