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I bought a new laptop with Windows Vista preinstalled but I don't want Vista at all. There is no data on the laptop as it is brand new. I would like Windows XP but couldn't find a new laptop with XP on it... so I got a Windows XP Home Edition disc and bring it to PC world so they can downgrade it for me. But I have been told it can't be done. Are they lying? What can I do?

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try this link
Anyone looking for step by step instructions on how to downgrade a Hewlett Packard dv6000 or dv9000 series notebook from Vista try the below link, it also has links to all the drivers you will need.

hi friends,

I am having a HP Pavilion dv6500 series laptop (dv6516tx) which cam pre-installed with windows vista home premium I somehow managed to install windows XP on it by following the procedure of making an XP bootable disc with NLITE software. I have installed xp in a seperate partition by shrinking the C drive. now XP had loaded fine but vista is not working anymore but this is not what I wanted. unfortunately I lost the recovery discs that I have made for the laptop but the recovery partition which was installed on the laptop by HP is still there. someone please help me about how to load vista again on my latop. I have tried using the F11 option to do system recovery but it is not working and the laptop loads with windows xp after the boot screens.
The problem is you have not installed the SATA hard drive drivers. The below link is to a forum where someone explains how to format your hard drive and install xp without the need of the hard drive SATA drivers.

hope this helps.
I went through the same issues the newer systems having Vista doesnt work some xp programs. After walking before crawling, I had to go backwards but I got it all except my audio. You have to understand you are still originally platforms for vista so just looking for xp drivers wont solve ur problem u have to re install vista drivers in order to see xp drivers. it works but the fastest easiest way is just write down your list of drivers and just reformate with xp, reinstall your driver then youre off and running
Hi Nicole,

Thanks for addressing my query....But I am still not sure on what to do.

I am able to play the sound files and all well and good.

Problem is with only VGA driver.(NVIDIA)

Could pls explain it eloborately.....


Please I need your help, I bought HP Pavilion DV2700 with Windows Vista OS since it was so slow and I totally don;t like Vista, I tried to format to DOS, I'd done the Fixdisk then tried to format to Win_XP but, it doesnt stopped and asking for ACPI update. what shall I do to continue? now my lap top is in DOS system.

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hey I tried out the link , but it aint working !! have ya got another one ?
It isn't impossible to downgrade, I've seen it done. The only problem's that occur are the compatibility issues between XP and your "Built for Vista" hardware... mostly just the BIOS. Like I said, it can be done. You could always bring it into a tech support center, like the one I work at. Staples Easy Tech offers operating system installations. The first downgrade we did took a couple weeks, but it's just a matter of finding all of the drivers. With a tech support service, you don't have to hassle with the troubles of finding them on your own, and the support center is responsible for making it 100% compatible with your computer.
The problem with my friend's laptop HP DV2700 was not resolved as HPLaptop NOT ACPI compliant and it is designed for VISTA only. So he feels regret of choosing HP Laptop and totally dislike HP product anymore. Why HP have designed this kind of Laptop to an experimental operating system VISTA? We the consumer are sacrificed.
where can I get drivers for xp for my acer aspire 5710, to downgrade from vista to xp pro.
any help will be appreciated. thanks very much
this is very easy process vista to xp I have done this before 2 days after facig some problem...but finally I got XP installled my laptop now it is working properly.....
first I did partion of my c drive with name F drive
after this I put the cd for xp into cd / dvd drive
and follow the instruction......finally u got yr laptop with 2 OS vista or Xp...

but before doing all of those these thing u have to unable to SATA native driver by entering BIOS.

if anybody face any problem then he can ask me through mail
hokay, so I have reformatted my Hewlett Packard Compaq Presario SR5110NX, which was running vista, put on XP and am now looking for drivers. the internet has only come up with vista only ones which is not really surprising. what I am wondering is if there are any drivers that are xp compatible for my system. my laptop is ever so slowly dieing, and I need to switch soon. any help would be greatly appreciated.
ye its not easy to load xp in dv2701tu because some bios dosent have sata option to desable it. But you can install Xp easly by editing your xp setup with the help of 'n-lite'. Just edit xp setup and add driver for sata native so that your setup can detect harddisk on your laptop. But real problem is that, Hp site does not contains driver for Xp so you will not be able to install sound driver on this laptop.
i have hp laptop dv2519tu with vista o/s, but I want xp o/s and I was loaded but drivers dosen't match. so plz give me a solution

I bought a new laptop hp dv6500 with Windows Vista preinstalled but I don't want Vista at all. There is no data on the laptop as it is brand new. I want to install xp on it ,but it is giving error as harddisk not found after booting from win xp is working fine through preinstalled windows vista.please help me how to downgrade from win vista to win xp.

Thanks & Regards ,



I also facing that kinds of problem to drowngrade window vista to window xp. I have tried by booting XP CD but I can't find third device to boot windown XP. Thus, May I known pls if you have futher informations to use the best way step by step. I would wish to get the way to easy install window XP.

I am very thankful,

Mr Than
basic info about my system:

model name satellite A205
OS version microsoft windows vista home premium 6.0.6000
CPU intel pentium dual T2300 @1.60 GHz
physical memory 1024MB RAM

need help VISTA is killing me
Hi bob666

actually I have also the same problem u can install xp on it but u have to buy a usb fdd drive ,

after that search sata driver on the net..copy that file into the fdd drive..

attach it into the usb port ...

start the lapy press f10 key for bios setup in which boot option will be there select cd rom first to provide the first priority.than insert ur xp cd in ur cd drive ...

than setup will execute

->one option will come at the starting of setup that is third party installation press f6 key for that ...that will help u to install sata driver during the installation..

->if any error comes like green screen with some it may be abt the acpi ..


if error will come proceed above steps but this time after pressing f6 key immidiately press f7 key for disabling the acpi...
it willl work.....
I was using Vista for a few months as I had bought a laptop with vista pre-installed. Now I have installed XP over it as I think Vista is a terrible OS. I have managed most of the setups and drivers for XP, but can anyone tell me how can I import the Mails from Microsoft Maiil ( Vista) to Outlook Express ( XP).
I hope there is a way

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