Windows Vista to XP Downgrading/Reformat?

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I bought a new laptop with Windows Vista preinstalled but I don't want Vista at all. There is no data on the laptop as it is brand new. I would like Windows XP but couldn't find a new laptop with XP on it... so I got a Windows XP Home Edition disc and bring it to PC world so they can downgrade it for me. But I have been told it can't be done. Are they lying? What can I do?

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dv2000 drivers for Xp
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> Problems Doestn't
vista to xp
i have hp dv6000..want to downgrade from vista to xp..pls advice.thanks..
vista downgrading to professional xp.
my music program will only work on xp
hp pavilion dv2500 model.Allready installed vista but I want xp load but bios setup not showing sata hdd option then I do not change bios hdd please help me.

I have installed XP on my VIsta system recently.

1) First of all .. take backup of your data and drivers(XP driver download from internet and keep them ready in USB)

2) Put XP bootable CD in your CD drive,and start the system.Press DEL for BIOS Setup.

Make priority to boot from CD drive first.
DISABLE the HARD DRIVE(important for downgrading...)

3)Make partitions , now OS will get booted from your XP bootable CD.

4)Install all the drivers.

Your system is ready to use with XP ONLY
(Remember Network driver is also disabled,so keep all drivers ready before reformatting).I did it with my HP Laptop

i have HP Pailion dv6000 I can not set windows xp to format hard disk and tell me he did not found hard driver
very thanks
Hossam Samir
The problem is you have not installed the SATA hard drive drivers. The below link is to a forum where someone explains how to format your hard drive and install xp without the need of the hard drive SATA drivers.

hope this helps.
> j076025
Dear I just wanna thank u a lot,
finally I found a way that worked :DDDDDDDDDDDD
well I tried a lot of ways to dwngrade the sata controller it didnt work,but this dban software I donno how it formatted my pc and in wich way,all I know s that when its done I set my sata from bios to disable native settings and ran win xp and it worked,it found the hard drive and worked and still workin like a charm :DDDDD

Hey Jessie don't worry, your problem is mostly easy, just go to the hp website, and search your model and then download all of the drivers in the Driver-modem and Driver Network and then your wireless card should be recognized,. then you can right click on the icon of the monitor with the red circle next to it in your sis tray and then select view available wireless networks and up at the top click refresh network list. now everything should work great.
and while your at it you should download and install all of the drivers that hp has for your laptop.
good luck!!
Okay, so I used my friend's computer and went to this site, I downloaded three things that were under the network driver section. I put them on a disk, transferred them to my laptop, opened them up and downloaded them. Unfortunately, I cannot see any changes to my laptop whatsoever and there's still nothing with which to connect to Wireless Networks. Did I miss something?
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If you have downgraded to XP from Vista on a HP dv series notebook you WILL have these problems........

SATA : XP doesnt have SATA drivers in it! Turn off SATA in BIOS before you install XP then get the SATA drivers after, its the easist way and your PC will work fine without SATA drivers (it goes back to the old IEEE protocol)
You CAN load the drivers when you install XP if you want, but you must have them on a floppy/flash drive BEFORE you install and you must know how to get XP to install them as it boots up!!

HD Conexant Audio : You have to update the UAA Bus Driver FIRST before installing the HD Conexant Audio Drivers, READ the driver instructions PROPERLY !! Its says which driver to install BEFORE the Audio drivers! STOP pressing ok so much and READ those INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU PRESS OK!!!
Everybody has same problem with HP Conexant Auido READ READ READ!!!!

Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio (sp33566) <-----FIRST

Then the audio driver SECOND:

»Conexant High Definition Audio Driver
»Conexant High Definition Audio Driver (for AMD )

CHeers Gump!
hello to all the HP Dv users. here are some steps for the DV6700 and 6880ev models.
personally I am using the thinkpad of IBM (T61), but my friend got the DV6700 on a deal, and finally lended on my head regarding the downgrading to XP. tearing up the google for answr, I had seen all stuck at the same problem.
so guys for at least this model , there is NO WAY to do it without floppy (external/internal and usb floppy will do just fine).
to get started better prepare the following: hirens boot cd, 1 usb floppy and 1 disk and the XP installation CD.
before you send vista to the history pages, go to HP support and drivers and download "Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager" for your model (FOR OS XP!!!). save it on your desktop. create a folder, put the downloaded file (sp38088)
and extract it in the folder(you can use winrar is the fastest way) now you will have many files inside the folder. you need file 32, if you use 32 bit or 64 if you use 64 bit OS config. copy the contect of this file to the usb floppy drive.
now you may download all other drivers and utiliies speciall the lan card, and the wireless drivers.
once you kill vista, till you finish the XP you wont be able to use you laptop for nothing! now that we have all drivers on USB stick , and the other files on the usb floppy, you may start.
put the hirens boot cd into the DVD drive. boot and with F1 ( read on the bottom of the bios) set boot priority to CD drive and F10 (save and exit.) when boot, choose boot from cd and watch it , you must press the F6 the moment you see it. press several times, and let installation proceed. at a certain point you will be promotet to install drivers for the sata, then you will be asked to press the letter S, and here is important: you will see 4 files all of them are sata but not all of them for you. choose the no.3 from the top (one before the last) and press enter. youll be promoted to the message you are about to install .... bla bla, just enter. then if you choose the correct driver, when youll be promoted to the installation message , youll be promoted to install, and then... vuala the hard drive is there.
press the F8 to confirm installation. from there its easy down hill slide....

i had just finished downgrading the last of the 5 HP DV laptops to XP, so I wrote for the new HP users to come.

twisted is that the files for supporting the Sata HDD are not in the bios , their natural place, its on the drive ....
who design this model?

i hope I solved some problems, and if you still going to use the HP laptops, invest in the USB floppy drive the 20$ you are going to need it , with any OS youll install.....

wish you all luck.

"not all laptops are created equals...."
My wife's laptop is an HP Pavilion dv9000 and came with windows vista. I tried rebooting with the windows xp disc and the windows setup said that it couldn't find any of the drives. As if they don't exist to windows setup. Can anyone explain as to twhy this is? Steps in how to resolve this issue would be much appreciated.

I got a HP dv6500 laptop with preinstalled vista. But I want to use window xp in my laptop. I tried with bootable XP cd but it can't recognise XP cd. Do u please advice me how I can reformat my vista system & install windows xp, srvice pack2.

W/thanks & regards
Only thing you need is boot able xp disc but before you do that download and put on another cd all drivers you`ll need for xp and don`t forget to change BIOS
I don't think that they're lying on that one...

Downgrading would mean taking away newer files or changing them to older ones and Windows will not let you do that.

From the way I see it, I think that you could either, if you have another computer with XP on it, you could, with a computer cable, connect the two together and erase the laptop's hard drive completely, wipe it, and just transfer all of the files from that computer to your laptop, or you could insert the XP XP in your laptop and manually copy all of the files on the CD and then paste them in the main system folder, which would take some hours for the transfer to be complete, and then after that delete the Vista files from the laptop, then restart it, and it should then be the XP operating system.

I'm not 100% sure on both of these things, but I have tried them both and they both worked for me, but the case was a little different, I was upgrading.

If you need more help or info, please e-mail me at email removed and I'll try to help you the most that I can!
> ganesh
Hi ,
i have the same issue
please help me out
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plz if you recv. an solve your that porblem instalaltion of XP instead of VISTA plz also solve my probelm and reply me how I solved like you, Email Id removed for security
raja Aftab
please can you help me to change my operating system for a dell laptop.

The originall dell came with windows xp, but mi friend change this to windows vista home premiun. now the dvi and cd room dont works. How can I change or reinstall all. I have a disck of home premium vista new.

Cna you tell me please how can I install from vista home premiun
hello. I read your post about downgrading from vista to xp. I have the same problem, but mine's a little more complicated (maybe). I live in japan. I bought a laptop from america with vista home premium already installed on it. I want to change to japanese xp pro. I have the xp cd, but i'm having trouble installing it. it says it's not compatible. should I just format my hard disk, deleting everything, and then run the japanese cd? any more advice for me? I need to install some japanese software for my job and i'm being held up because of this problem. HELP! HELP! I need a hero!
Okay, well I just got like a 06 ~ 07 model of Toshiba, and its a 17" laptop, i'm not interly sure about the stats
but its a intel centrino duo.
and I just got a Black Screen Of Death, and its been like that for almost 3 days.
and i'm wondering if I can remove vista , and replace with Office XP pro Plus .
Any help or answers will be greatly appreciated .
Sorry for my grammar. Please
Message me at Email Id removed for security
please and thank you (:
I just got a HP Pavilion media center m8425f desktop pc. It has intel core 2 quad processor q6700. It comes pre loaded with Windows Vista. But I have heard many non-original software do not work in Vista due to its increased security features. I really like XP and would like to continue using XP. From a desktop perspective, is it easy to switch it to XP operating system. I know I would need some drivers and if anyone can help me find that I would greatly appreciate it. My email addy is f Email ID removed for security. Thanks.
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I dont understand ! If you want to switch from vista to xp ! this is more than possible! so whats the issue !
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Hi bob666 of course its possible to downgrade from vista to xp but you just got to reformat and make sure you got all the drivers needed for your laptop or else don't touch it!
Please I need your help, I bought HP Pavilion DV2700 with Windows Vista OS since it was so slow and I totally don;t like Vista, I tried to format to DOS, I'd done the Fixdisk then tried to format to Win_XP but, it doesnt stopped and asking for ACPI update. what shall I do to continue? now my lap top is in DOS system.

I am unable to reformat my laptop by means of an XP CD that I can and have already used in the computer's drive. Why is this so difficult?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Check and confirm what drive u r running on if SATA ,u Require Extra drivers to mount the drive

hi friends,

I am having a HP Pavilion dv6500 series laptop (dv6516tx) which cam pre-installed with windows vista home premium I somehow managed to install windows XP on it by following the procedure of making an XP bootable disc with NLITE software. I have installed xp in a seperate partition by shrinking the C drive. now XP had loaded fine but vista is not working anymore but this is not what I wanted. unfortunately I lost the recovery discs that I have made for the laptop but the recovery partition which was installed on the laptop by HP is still there. someone please help me about how to load vista again on my latop. I have tried using the F11 option to do system recovery but it is not working and the laptop loads with windows xp after the boot screens.
I went through the same issues the newer systems having Vista doesnt work some xp programs. After walking before crawling, I had to go backwards but I got it all except my audio. You have to understand you are still originally platforms for vista so just looking for xp drivers wont solve ur problem u have to re install vista drivers in order to see xp drivers. it works but the fastest easiest way is just write down your list of drivers and just reformate with xp, reinstall your driver then youre off and running
Hi Nicole,

Thanks for addressing my query....But I am still not sure on what to do.

I am able to play the sound files and all well and good.

Problem is with only VGA driver.(NVIDIA)

Could pls explain it eloborately.....


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hey I tried out the link , but it aint working !! have ya got another one ?
It isn't impossible to downgrade, I've seen it done. The only problem's that occur are the compatibility issues between XP and your "Built for Vista" hardware... mostly just the BIOS. Like I said, it can be done. You could always bring it into a tech support center, like the one I work at. Staples Easy Tech offers operating system installations. The first downgrade we did took a couple weeks, but it's just a matter of finding all of the drivers. With a tech support service, you don't have to hassle with the troubles of finding them on your own, and the support center is responsible for making it 100% compatible with your computer.
The problem with my friend's laptop HP DV2700 was not resolved as HPLaptop NOT ACPI compliant and it is designed for VISTA only. So he feels regret of choosing HP Laptop and totally dislike HP product anymore. Why HP have designed this kind of Laptop to an experimental operating system VISTA? We the consumer are sacrificed.