Windows Vista to XP Downgrading/Reformat? [Solved/Closed]

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I bought a new laptop with Windows Vista preinstalled but I don't want Vista at all. There is no data on the laptop as it is brand new. I would like Windows XP but couldn't find a new laptop with XP on it... so I got a Windows XP Home Edition disc and bring it to PC world so they can downgrade it for me. But I have been told it can't be done. Are they lying? What can I do?

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I recently bought an HCL leaptop Z24 C2D with Windows Vista Home preinstalled. I am fed up with this OS and I want to downgrade to Windows XP . I have the home edition of Windows XP and I would like to know the process and the link to the xp drivers to DL before uninstalling Vista.

Any help in this regards will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I have a Sony VAIO Model PCG-3A1L. I'm trying to downgrade it from Vista to XP, but when I reach the options of "Press R to repair" and "Press Enter to install Windows XP" or whatever the keys they are, it says my hard disk drive cannot be found. I currently have a virus called "do_not_delete.exe" and I've went through forums, they told me to just reformat because the virus was not removable. Does it have anything to do with my virus or is it because VAIO's BIOS isn't letting me? Help me please!
what would I do for toshiba satellite A215 (i cant connect to the internet at all? not even through Ethernet?)
Microsoft does not support XP anymore
I have the same problem with you. Just reformat it but the problem with XP are the drivers if you don,t have it. The easiest is to upgrade it to Windows 7 if you it.
Yes, the service center are lying. It is possible to downgrade from Vista to XP. For that you will have to create a XP ISO CD with the vista sata raid controller in it.
Then you can just format it with no problem. For step by step details contact at Email Id removed for security
i have an acer aspire pre installed vista os and I want to reformat it to an xp os, is it possible?? any risk????
iam unabul to install xp on Hp Pivilion dv6000 nootbook pree instalded vista

dnt u ppl kno its da hard drive REPLACE WIV SAME BUT NEW HAD DRIVE!!!
The best solution to install windows xp on your laptop and desktop users is to buy another hard disk.. I discover that windows 7 has a affected the hard disk bios that can only installed vista and windows 7. You use it as a backup drives but you can't anymore install in that hard drive, you will use other hard disk that never been installed vista or windows 7.. Microsoft wants to phase out lower version of O.S.......

simple use partion magic totaly reformat ure hard drive 2 a blank canvas and booy xp
Well you can always downgrade from windows Vista to XP but everything may not work fully without the correct drivers from what I have seen its hard to find xp drivers for a pc that comes with Vista I know Sony doesn't support other OS driver downloads on their new vista laptops I know HP you can download XP version drivers for a laptop or pc with vista pre in stalled im not sure about other brands.
i have hp laptop dv2519tu with vista o/s, but I want xp o/s and I was loaded but drivers dosen't match. so plz give me a solution
hi I got a same problem witadh my compaq presario C552US Notebook , I downgraded it from pre installed vista to xp but not finding sound drivers...
> sharaddoc
Want help on downgrading email at Email Id removed for security may be I can help you out
Is this possible to downgrade from vista to xp in hp,, Please reply,, thank you
i have j ust done the same thing on my hp dv6500,i have to operatingsystem s now I got all the drivers bar the n etworkdriver, so the only thing I cant do is connect to the
net, ( so I use v ista) othe r than that xp wor ks gr eat its re ally fast, if y ou find o ne or have a idea please let me no
How did/do you put two OS on one laptop? Maybe that's the way for me... -Email Id removed for security
I have an HP dv2736us and have my own XPpro os disc. Any advice and guidance is appreciated - thanks
I have just aquired a brand new HP Pavilion dv2000. I want to run it with XP(I do not like Vista). Any addresses to share with me for drivers and any advice/guidance would be sincerely appreciated. - Email Id removed for security
I just got a HP Pavilion media center m8425f desktop pc. It has intel core 2 quad processor q6700. It comes pre loaded with Windows Vista. But I have heard many non-original software do not work in Vista due to its increased security features. I really like XP and would like to continue using XP. From a desktop perspective, is it easy to switch it to XP operating system. I know I would need some drivers and if anyone can help me find that I would greatly appreciate it. My email addy is Email Id removed for security Thanks.
please help me I need drivers for my laptop hp dv6460ee
Anyone looking for step by step instructions on how to downgrade a Hewlett Packard dv6000 or dv9000 series notebook from Vista try the below link, it also has links to all the drivers you will need.
plz help me in formating vista in my hp laptop pavalion dv2000 model 2701tx.i like to put window xp but biose is not going to flash.plz pzl help me to do so I like to xp in my laptop.for this I am very much thankful to u coz I am now fedup with vista.
same problem I have. if u have any driver of xp for hp-dv 2701 tx pls send me at. Email Id removed for security
have you got solution for 2701TX downgrade to XP I am stuck up with same. pl mail me.
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you will need to download the SATA controller driver from
without that your laptop won't recognize your hard drive there
are 2 ways to solve this:
first one you'll need an external floppy drive save the sata driver on a floppy put your xp disk in and start the install at the very begining xp prompts you press F6 to install sata driver press that and it'll get the driver from the external floppy drive.
second way is to create an xp disk with the sata driver to achieve that you'll need a deployment software I use nlite

I am went everyone on Vista, I do not like it at all. I have lost info on computer 2x and at one time I downloaded the neccessary downloads and I could not get on line after that. I am not a computer whiz so plz could some one give me step by step directions on how to downgrade to xp
where to get drivers for hp pavilion dv 2519tu notebook pc for window xp????

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