CD/DVD Drive is not detected in BIOS [Closed]

 Hackerz -
CD/DVD Drive is not detected in BIOS, i remove the bus and reconnect the data/address bus but still i am not able to detect the Drive.I am not able to detect the CD/Drive after windows is Booting.

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just interchange the data cables of HDD & DVD Rom. And check if the system tray is coming out or is there any movement in Dvd rom.
if your dvd rom is getting power and functioning, than changing data cable may solve the problem.
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I agree with Rajat try changing the IDE cables first in case if it runs on IDE and check if it gets detected at bios, also check in bios if u have enabled the options to boot all devices. if its ok and even after changing the IDE cables if it still doesnt work try on an alternate system if still same issue its probably then a firmware fault. and its time to get a new optical drive..........

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