ACER-windows shut down restart attempt fails

 shel -

The laptop froze and I had to manually shut it off to restart it. When it restarted it came up with the black screen/white letters that reads:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully...etc..."

And it gave me options as to continue in "Safe Mode" and to continue normally...I've tried each of the options and each one results in a blue screen that flashes really quickly with white words but my computer shuts off automatically, not giving me time to read any of it. It restarts on its own and does the same thing. I've tried not selecting anything and letting it "start windows" in its own "in 30 seconds". And still it goes to the blue screen.

And then it says that it could be because of hardware/software that's been unproperly downloaded or something and to make sure that it's downloaded correctly. But I can't get on the computer to do that! (Keeps shutting off after that.) I have no Idea how to fix it.

One thing is that I dont have a place where I can put in a CD all i have is somewhere to put a USB stick, I have gone to microsoft and downloaded the microsoft memory driver. but when i put it into the "bad" labtop it says device not reccognized. Please help me!! I have alot of pictures that I will not have anymore If i cannot get this to work.

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You have a damaged copy of Windows. To fix this you will need to get a copy of Windows on a USB flash memory drive. So you can re-install your OS.

I suggest you have a good computer repair shop take a look at it. They should be able to recover your data files.

Good Luck
wow the same thing has just happened to me.!!

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