Get contacts from LG Cookie - Mac

Jkaeelwes - Jul 6, 2010 at 06:21 PM
 Entropy - Jun 9, 2012 at 09:28 AM
I have a problem with getting my contacts of the phone. I just need them for another phone, because the screen has cracked, so i cant read them. My brother has the same phone, so i tried copying contacts to my SIM, by pressing the screen in particular places (from where they are located on my brothers), but not seeing the result. However it beeped, and didnt copy.
I'm on mac, iSync doent recognise it on bluetooth or usb (mass storage or PC suite). Tried OnSync, but it says no SIM.
Any ideas? I just need to be able to read my numbers/download my contacts. I can access certain folders (pics, empy 'documents' foler, etc) by bluetooth and USB mass storage. But I cant find where the contacts are stored.



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Too late for the reply but anyway...

LG Cookie can send the entire contacts list via bluetooth theoretically even without the benefit of sims. If contacts are on sim, they can be transferred to memory card. Bluetooth is a connection between devices, not sims. So if contacts are in the memory card, bluetooth will pick it up from memory card. Memory card 1 --> Bluetooth Device 1 --> Bluetooth Device 2 --> Memory card 2. It should be there somewhere in the menu for Contacts.


If you want to transfer LG Cookie contacts to iPhone, Lg Contacts need to be synched with computer contacts or e-mail client. iPhone then connects via USB. If iTune is already installed, it will manage communication between LG downloaded/synched contacts on the computer and the iPhone itself. iPhone will not sync this way without iTunes.
The exact thing just happened to me. I tried iSync, and much to my surprise it did get recognized. The bad news? iSync wants to pair it as a Bluetooth device; since I cannot see the screen on the phone, I cannot make the necessary button pushes to get the phone paired with the computer. Back to square one...