Corrupted xp

 henry -
Hello, i have a problem w/ my p4 1.8ghz my os xp was corupted, i try to boot from a cd but it stops w/ some errors. i used my frend laptop to copy a xp cd to my 2gb usb hdd but when i try to boot my p4 desktop using my usb flash drive nothing happen. the message appear"non system disk or disk error Replace and pres any key to continue" please help me thank you

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the problem may be that your boot sector is corrupted by some virus. but there are several antivirus software solutions that lets you create a rescue disk.You can also find one on kaspersky site.

Download the iso file.
Burn iso with dvd burning software or cd burning software to a dvd or cd and boot with the dvd or cd and proceed with it to follow the antivirus software's instructions to clean the boot-sector infection and restore your computer.