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 Amy911 -
i have iternet explorer v7. all of a sudden I can no longer get access to web sites/pages - message says for past two days - internet explorer cannot display pages" on rare occasions after I have deleted cookies ect and restart i can sometimes get through but it bombs out after a few minutes. MY OTHER LAPTOP IS WORKING FINE. I am definately connected according to indicators and in fact torrent and skype are still working just fine - just no internet access such as email or google or any other web sites needed to live.

I read a few suggestions and everything seems to be set up right....


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I had the same problem you must try this, this is only the thing that made everything work properly again for, I tried everything else and it did'nt work!

For IE:
In the browser, go to "Tools', 'Internet Options', "Connection", "LAN Settings" and uncheck all the boxes.

For Firefox:

In the browser, go to "Tools", "Options", "Advanced", "Network", "Settings" and check the "Direct connection to the Internet" button (leave all other buttons unchecked).

I promise you this will work
Thank you

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Thanks alot, this solved my issue.
THANKS!!!!! No b.s. ive been tryn everything and this actually worked.
Hi, I saw that you helped someone else out with their internet problems. I tried the advice that you gave earlier, however, I couldn't locate the option of "connecting to the internet." I use moxilla firefox. The problem is though, I'm using wireless that is located near my house, so it's not mine. However, it's been working since August, and all of a sudden it stopped working last month. Now it says it's connected, however, I'm not able to get onto the internet. I don't know if this is the same problem as the other person you helped on here, or if it's because of the wireless router. But if you could tell me how to get my internet working again, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Hey Techdeck! I did what you said but when i opened LAN settings none of my boxes were checked do u know of any other solutions
Thanks! Helped our boys out tremendously!
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make sure your firewall has been updated for IE7 rules, to diagnose if it is a firewall problem, try to turn it off and run IE to check everything

and make sure your torrents do not eat all your broadband so the IE don't have any band to use
techdeck...you are a LIFESAVER! i just did it and it worked! thank you!!!!

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