Win7 keyboard problem Two letters at a time [Solved/Closed]

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I'm using hp lap top that my sister dropped water on it ! it stopped working for a while but when it start to work again certain letters were missed up ! when I press one letter 2 letters appears! when I press n it comes nh , when I press h it comes nh ! , and also with
b , when I press it it comes bg , and when I press g it comes bg ! and also = is =' , and + is +" !! it's like the opposite or something! so what should I do ?

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Let it dry out for a day or two. Then test again. Most keyboards can be replaced - look on ebay for replacement keyboards.

Good Luck
Same problem, bg is b and nh is h and =' is = and +@ is + and on num lok 5 is -5 ='(
My problem was solved! If it was like my problem, instead of water got sprayed it was a foam like substance. If it was foam like, then wait a day or so, but if it was water, then I think your keyboard is dead....
My problem is solved too ! after 1 month -_- the weather was soo hot and so is my laptop , so I don't know maybe the heat let it evaporate? the point is , it worked \o/
Yeah, I'd just like to comment on this: Today I spilled a little water on my keyboard, and suddenly when I typed letters like A it would appear ahrc and so on, but then I figured that the water might ruin electric signals, so I used my moms hairdryer on it (lol), but it evaporated the water, and now everything is fine. Just try it before ir starts to rust.

I have a Razor BlackWidow, it worked for me.
I hope it works for you all.
same problem split beer down it , need to buy a new keybaord
problem solved (y) see above

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