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 Raisa -
i tryd accessing my account from a diff location and it ahowed the most stupidiest pictures of people that I dont know who they were and I had to pick who they were and when I dont sit and inspect everybody profile picture and I cant even log in on my normal computer. this is freaking ridiculous.


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Hello Kathy,

Thousands of people experienced the very same issue and unfortunately a solution has yet to be found and Facebook has not provided any answer.

Sorry, but you will need to connect from home.

Thank you

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Hi there,

Please describe with more information,whereas for your pc ,delete the cookies,clear the cache and refresh browser .

Same problem here- except that some people said that when you return home, to your usual ip, you can log in without problems. Not my case though, nothing changed when I got back home. And I can't even delete my account without logging in.