Low memory hard drive almost full

jay - Dec 5, 2008 at 10:49 AM
 Jethro - Dec 6, 2008 at 02:09 PM

I have an HP pavilion x656a that was running XP home edtion, the computer was freezing up Igues it had a virus. So I went to the HP web site and tried to format the Bios, while it was formating the computer froze and I unpluged it. When I restarted there was a beeping sound and it read floopy disc needed and some other things I cant remember.

Anyway, I took my PC to a computer store to fix it for me. In return they said they could not save my files. So they changed the mother board and put in a new 1GB memory ( from 512) cleaned the hard drive (empty) and instead of the XP Home they put in XP professional.

The problem now started when I tried to put in AOL software, an error says low memory or not enough hard drive space. I looked and my hard drice space has only 45% left when the computer originaly had 90% before the problems.
and I still see C pavillion and the new H
And yesterday i downloaded adoboe 9 reader and then after i recieved a messege that the computer had low memory?

The new mother board is 3400+ with 1GB memory, can any one some how read through my rambling and make anything out of this?

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Dec 5, 2008 at 06:24 PM
Get the repair shop to fix it properly. Sounds like they did a half-ass job and charged you more than a new computer would have cost.

never take your PC to a repair shop. Find a friend that knows about software/hardware and get him/her to help you. He has your best interest at heart, the repair shop does not because they only have your wallet at heart and insist that you are a computer illiterate.

To your problem:
get rid of AOL software. It is a RAM hog that really sucks. I am almost 100% sure your internet connection can run without AOL software. If you insist on using it for AIM, then download AIM, and set the preferences as to where they program does NOT start upon Windows start-up. I however recommend MSN messenger "same start-up preference though" because MSN messenger utilizes dramatically less system memory and processing than Yahoo and AOL instant messenger programs "it is better than skype also."

Windows XP does utilize more memory than previous editions, however 1 GB should not give you problems unless you have a gazillion programs running. I suggesting making sure that the computer store didn't switch harddrives on you to one with smaller storage. Check to make sure your page file is set to about 4000 MB. If you have a slow and atrociously fragmented harddrive with your pagefile set too low and you're doing some heavy computing then you can experience the original "system low on memory" issue.

Run a hijackthis and through the log file up here so we can see what you're running on your PC.