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 lll -
I have got problem with updates ,I think there is new kind of virus type that effecting computor to browse Windows update-antivirus web page update even to open all other antivirus sites at the same time.
it is really a strange type.
I use AVG 8.0 free type addition and surely cannot update+open www.avg.com site to update +to browse any other latest antivirus sites to load latest antivirus editions downloads to solve my problem.
Please help how to solve it.

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Top Class guys, I too had a nitemare with this thing had chucked everything I knew at it and it was still infecting reg keys and stopping me from updating any of the good antivirus checkers .... Ran Trojan remover an was then able to update spybot and pc tools av .... All clean an running sweet .... 8 hours later .... I have never seen anything as sophisticated as this was .... As one of you said some people are being ubber creative in the wrong manner .... couldnt help being a little impressed at how much trouble it caused.
Anyway job done ... top thread people ... many thanks


"Trojan Remover" did worked for me, and finally I could get rid of this nightmare.
paroxism and others.

Been having same problem. What you said made ther most sense; those spyware/malware programs just all stopped being able to update at same time and I had just reloadde XP on fresh HD.

I manually removed a trojan, this must have been a part that I missed; so here is the other half of this (i assume) worm:

In local disc C, my sys kept replicating 'autorun.ini' . To delete it for good, you need to go in the 'prefetch' folder and either remove the 'autorun' file (its the hatching place); or just empty entire 'prefetch' folder.

For any of you having problems still, do this also.

This is intermediate level repair, so if you are not comfortable doing it, get a PC tech to help you.
I have had the same problems for the last few months and I finally got fed up with more problems occuring. Here are some of the problems I was encountering:

AVG wouldnt update
Windows wouldnt update
volume & network icons were missing from bottom right corner (beside clock)
unable to download spybot search and destroy
when I searched using google and then clicked on a link "jar file" would open or it would "jump" to a different site

I read this thread and just downloaded the Trojan Remover trial version and it fixed all problems!

Thanks for that, real life saver
hi...i've the same problem! and no one ur advice can solve my problem....pls...help me
I had the same issues on an xp machine.I downloaded Malwarebytes and ran it.It worked.Updates were turned off,unable to update anything.Even my network connections folder was empty.Malwarebytes did the job.

This damn thing had me stumped. Problem with nearly all the fixes listed here was my computer ran Vista 64x and none of them worked. I ended up saving my applications to disk and then reloading my computer to factory settings, an option available with Vista. The malware had embedded itself in two other programs which I found when I scanned the disks using the on-line Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Have no idea where I picked up this !#*~+ thing as I'm super cautious, but obviously one time I slipped up. I had ran the Microsoft Tool before, but it wasn't detected. Now after starting over with factory settings and programs scanned I back running greater than ever.
thanks a lot morphine!
I used malwarebytes' anti-malware, smitfraudfix, superantispyware, and trojan remover and finally the darn thing is dead and gone. Never in my life I fought a bug so hard.
I too thank Morphine for directing me to Trojan Remover, but I'm not so sure that its author, Simply Super Software, isn't also the source of all these problems.

My computer was recently infected by what I think was a variant of the Win32/Conficker.B worm and I think my experience shows another way it can propagate. In my case the infection occurred, coincident and unattended, on 3/2/09 at 2:01AM when my ISP (Charter Communications) restored Internet service after a lengthy service outage. I had left the computer on with uTorrent running and discovered later that there were autorun.inf files with this creation date on all three of my hard drives. Among the many symptoms I experienced, in no particular order, were the following:

· The first sign was that all my network and router settings were screwed up. I had to remove the router and connect directly to my cable modem in order to restore Internet service, but even then the DNS and DHCP servers wouldn't work properly. I barely had any connectivity, ipconfig commands were ineffectual, and my Local Area Connection would report that it couldn't renew the IP address whenever I clicked on Repair.
· The infection would unpredictably prevent many programs and services from running and eventually lock up the computer, preventing normal turn-off. Sometimes Task Manager would still work and I could shut it off that way, but most times I'd have to power-down manually and hope that action didn't necessitate a rebuild of my RAID volumes on the next boot (often it did).
· The computer would often freeze right on the Login screen during boot up, before I could even log in, and I'd have to power-down manually and retry. Even booting up with Last Known Good Configuration or in Safe Mode often didn't work and I'd have to try again until it worked.
· I'd receive numerous instances of 'Svchost.exe ' Application Error' messages on each login and on first attempts to open IE7 or Firefox, which could be resolved by clicking OK or Cancel, but never permanently.
· No reaction from System Restore whenever I selected a restore point and hit Restore, whether I was in normal mode or in Safe Mode.
· Windows Firewall would not start. I'd received a message saying Error 5: Access is denied. Similar situation with Windows Defender.
· I found mysterious Autorun.inf files on the root of all three of my hard drives, all with the same creation date.
· Windows Update, Microsoft Update and other security-related web sites like those from Symantic, McAffee,TrendMicro or Kaspersky could not be accessed. I'd get a message saying Address Not Found or something like it.
· Regardless of whether I tried to use the version that was already loaded on my hard drive or tried to use the latest version that I manually downloaded and burned to a CD with another computer, Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool would fail to run. With my already-loaded version there'd be no reaction. With the latest CD version it would seemingly start to self-extract and then stop before any other screen appeared.
· Without any discernible pattern, some applications and services would run while others would not. Windows Media Player never would run. Media Player Classic would report missing codecs and play without sound.
· Sometimes I'd be able to access Help and Support thru the Start menu; at other times not. Little ever stayed the same between reboots and the more I tried to debug the system, the worse it would seem to get.
· Sometimes the computer would slow to a crawl, for example: taking like 5 minutes or more just to fill out the Computer Management screen, but if I examined CPU usage with Windows Task Manager or Microsoft Process Explorer there would never be any significant activity.
· I'd always get a message on shut-down saying that lmgrd.exe (one of my license servers) was unresponsive and that certain memory couldn't be read and I'd have to click OK to continue the shut-down.
· On boot up the Event Viewer would log numerous warnings and errors, both under Application and under System, many related to DCOM and the Service Control Manager. Services would frequently fail to start, or stop for various reasons.
· Many quirks I can't remember because they'd happen one time and not the next.

From what I've read, what infected my computer had all the earmarks of the 'conficker' worm, aka 'downadup' and by many other names. You may have read that Microsoft has posted a $250,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the authors of this worm and that a huge consortium of organizations has been formed to fight it. The level of cooperation is unprecedented, because it seems so unstoppable and insidious and portending of worse things to come. That is why I am now so suspicious that I was ultimately able to clean it up so easily.

I spent 7 miserable days fighting this worm. I tried every fix I could find or think of, including the extensive manual steps to remove the conficker.b variant that Microsoft posted in KB article 962007. Then in one fell swoop, by running a trial copy of Trojan Remover, all symptoms disappeared. Microsoft Update instantly became accessible and I was able to update the operating system (XP Professional, SP3), Windows Firewall returned to operation, Windows Defender worked again after I reinstalled it (I had uninstalled it) and Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool suddenly ran the way it is supposed to (although it didn't find anything). All the problems miraculously disappeared, including all the warnings and error messages I had been getting.

A little too miraculously, if you ask me. How is it, when Microsoft and all the major antivirus companies and other institutions can't come up with a way to remove this worm and are saying they still don't fully understand how it deploys and the extent of what it does, a little known company like Simply Super Software can develop a program called Trojan Remover that instantly detects and removes all vestiges of the worm, leaving your computer like new. They're either computer geniuses that make everyone else look like amateurs, or they've conspired on a very nasty way to boost sales. I may be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I think someone in the UK should investigate. Considering the enormous coordinated effort that has been put into fighting this worm, if it is indeed the conficker worm, the solution seems just a little too perfect.
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> TetherSpout
I think you've got a very valid point.

Took MBAM, and Trojan Killer to remove everything. Seems like the system is heavily infected during these last 2 days. Headache cleared. Thanks everyone for all your input!
Trojan Remover rocks!! I must admit to using a warez version, but as with all good programs that actually work well, Simply Super Software are going to get my money! Well done guys! :-)
Hay guys just wanted to say a big thankyou for the trojan remover program link that was posted! big help!!!!

i was having some annoying problems on the net and also could not update my antivirus software, I was not able to downlaod spybot or anything similar to it and I was getting redirected all over then net. the worst thing was that everytime I restarted my comp my firewall was getting turned off.......

all sorted now tho so many thanks : )
trojan remover,,,, I love u ummuaah mmuaah :* :* :* :* !!!

thx morphine, thx others who suggested this tool :)
Another success story here: Trojan Remover was the solution to my nightmare. I was fixing a relative's PC that was exhibiting all the symptoms mentioned here: Browser search results redirected, Anti-virus/anti-malware websites blocked, unable to update AVG or any other program, unable to Install any other anti-malware programs, unable to change desktop wallpaper.

Nothing worked, AVG, Spybot, Avira, even PE level virus scans. I was ready for a re-install until I found this forum, and all your suggestions worked! Trojan Remover got rid of the nastiness so I was able to update everything else, run scans, install other progs, runs more scans, and now this PC is back to its old self again. Thanks all!
I have worked on computers for years and fixed many problems dealing with viruses, but this was the worse and put me through more hoops than desirable, BUT your fix worked. Thank You.
Hey everyone!

My computer exhibits only one of the issues mentioned and that is the inability of antivirus programmes to update. I can surf antivirus pages, I do not get redirected anywhere and NONE of the programmes suggested in this forum can find anything.

Can anybody help?
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Have you tried SUPERAntiSpyware?

None of the programs including Trojan Remover worked for me. It was SUPERAntiSpyware that did the trick. A brilliant program!

Have a go.
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i think I have the same thing and i've tried the best answer solution but I still got it... I tried all but spy subract (costs money) and that first one cause I couldn't figure it out and it was in french or something. but everyone else seems to be succeeding with trojan remover and that isn't working for me! please help!
Well ive the same problem ...it happnd 2 months ago and trojan remover did the trick ..but destroyed all DNS and IP settings...but now even trojan remover does not ..and beware after the trial period ..try uninstallin trojan remover ..it does not leave the system....! now by anychance is it trojan which has left behind this malware..!im back to square one...none of the updates work or none of the downloads to site pertaining to any site connected to spyware works ...so in truth trojan forced its entry into our systems ..the saviour now has turned villain.....true to its name >>>TROJAN
erm..how do u solve the trojan remover expired?
Thank u all who gave me Trojan Remover.
It really solved my problem.
The trojan tool from https://www.simplysup.com/tremover/download.html worked a treat - thanks all I was struggling with this for months!!!

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