XBox 360 vs. PS3

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I really need some help guys...

I am going to buy a new system very soon and I need to know if there are any big advantages or disadvantage over one system compared to the other.

I was first thinking to get to PS3 - which seems to be the most powerfull system - but the XBox 360 looks more reasonable in terms of price and Halo 3 is already out for this one.

Plus one plays Blue Ray disks and the other play HD DVD.

I'm still very confuse on the choice I should do between the two systems.

All arguments are welcome.


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hi BossOnLine,
please go for ps3,games of the 360 are rare and they cost a lot and the gameplay is good but not as the ps3,sony will come with lots of innovations for its console not as xbox 360,,,,you wont regret it as i said there will be new innovations i dont think you will want to pass through this,,,,see ya;-)ps3 the best
Thank you

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with the new updates for ps3 , u cant go wrong in buying it. plus, hd-dvd is dead and blue ray is in . there are also good games coming out for ps3 . ps3 is steadily advancing. p.s. playstation network now has features like 360
the ps3 sucks
nob cheese the ps3 sucks. 360 wayy better and and microsoft is one of the biggest brands out now not sony. DICK
I love the constructive arguments that 360 owners use to justify their purchase. Oooh, PS3 sucks - thanks for that informative, & well thought out criticism. The only argument I ever hear of now in favour of the 360 is that the online is better, but whenever you ask how, you don't get an answer - cos if it's just cross game voice chat you get for your money, think I'll stay with the free option, & I don't have to suffer listening to your kind spewing immature drivel over your headsets every time I want to go online. Even if I did go online with the 360, & suffered the 12 years old f'ing & blinding all the time, it wouldn't last long as it'd either red ring, E74 on me, or it'd turn my game discs into coffee coasters. Occasionally some spotty oik will still spout the crap that the PS3 has no games, but they are still living in 2007 so we can forgive them their below average IQ, & newly discovered hormones for that, but I still don't want to associate with these people online.
I'm not suggesting that all 360 owners are retarded monkeys with mush for brains, & satans clagnuts for a personality, but they are definitely out there....way out there!

The xbox is by far the better console - although if you have a low budget then i would go for the PS3 because it only has two things going for it - the bluray and the free online, But the xbox is definatly far better than the PS3 - and I own both

the xbox just has a far better user interface although the price for online is far too steep

360 Advantages:
-Estimated 7,000 more live users over PSN
-Achievement points can be used to get stuff such as games (Trophies havn't received a purpose, YET!)
-Cost less (at first).
-Free Mic
-More free down loadable content

360 Disadvantages:
-Cost for online play
-Lacks blue ray player
-hard ware failure (red ring of death, disk scratches, and system over heatings)
-Lower Graphics (nothing really to noticeable at the time)
-No web Browser
-100$ just to get wifi
-You need to download patch to watch HD DvDs
-The system is quite loud
-Bad Tech support (I've heard some stories)
-Non-Chargable controller (unless component bought)
-Can't install games to HD
-Can't listen to music in game (might have changed)
-Will be replaced sooner by a more up-to-date xbox that stands with the ps3 complexity
-Less console only games coming out in this year coming
-Comes with free Mic. so you get all those damn annoying 5 y/o

PS3 Advantages:
-Free online
-Better graphics (Once again slightly noticable)
-Blue-Ray player
-No system hardware problems known to date
-Has a web browser ( can use Youtube, myspace, and etc.)
-Free built in wifi
-The PS3 is Silent!
-Chargeable controller
-Great tech support (better the microsofts)
-Can install games to HD
-can listen to music in game
-Ps3 will last longer (due to it complex cell processor)
-More games coming out in future for the console

Ps3 Disadvantages:
-The Cost
-Less PSN users (appx. 7k less)
-Complex system
-Blue ray disks cost more
-Dosnt come with a Mic. {you cant buy any old Blue tooth mic for $20 to use with it)

PS3, 360 Neutral:
The games are preference related

PS3 Summary:
As of right now PS3 is a quieter, more reliable system, that cost more at first, but is lacking some of the great 360 only games and online user community. But due to it reliability and complexity will last longer and save you money in the long haul.

XBOX 360 Summary:
The 360 is a great cheap system that has great games and a great online community. But due to its hardware problems, cost to play online, and just a cost to use wifi makes it victim to PS3's more expensive but cheaper all around system.

It all boils down to which games you want to play and what games your looking to get outta your system/ do with it. Now by reading all what i just wrote u might think that I'm a PS3 Fan Boy but truth is I'm not, Truth is that 360 is slowly but surely losing out to PS3. Sorry if i offended any of you hard core 360 fanboys but I'm just stating the truth.

Note 2: I own both systems and Have online accounts and such on both systems.
> The only sane person
Quote "The only sane person" "the new xboxs fixed the rrod". That's not what I hear from shop staff at Game who are still getting 360's back daily, & it isn't like the RROD in the only problem they have. E74 & other error messages, noisy dvd drives that scratch the discs if you dare to walk around the room when it's switched on (seen Watchdog recently?).

Class yourself as lucky if your 360 hasn't ruined any of your games, or ruined itself yet.
> Kaden101
It isnt luck which stops the disc's from scratching its called looking after your stuff, and not been a total tit (Moving your xbox whilst its on)

> 360's rule
You don't have to move it whilst it's on, you just have to move around the room while the console is on. It was on Watchdog recently, for more info see (or just search Google for - watchdog youtube xbox 360 scratch). So if you're going to call people total tits, at least get your facts right.

haha this guy said xbox has a better online community...dude 7k people doesnt change the fact that majority are hackers, cheat code users, some of em arent even hackers they just use goggle and get walked through xbox's easy to probe system, playstation is a brick wall in comparison, that is why 7k less hackers play it.
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I play Xbox all the time online, and I must say that most people on there are not hackers and it is a great community to be apart of, also Xbox live family pack is $100 for a year if you can't afford that you don't need to have a gaming habit of any kind, because your broke. And those wonder IMF about what system to get(by the way I have had no system issues with my Xbox for years) Xbox is fixing its issues it's going to always compete with bigger and better more innovative hardware and software. it's Microsoft for god sake they are the one of largest computer company's in the world way bigger than Sony and there not going to get knocked out of the race to console perfection there is far to much money in it,and Microsoft loves money.
I personally think xbox is a million times better
it has all the games i want
the live is awesome
tthe game market place is incredible

i want a ps3 to
its nice to but it doesnt have gears of war 2 or halo 3
my favorite games
so there both great and all

but buy the console that fits to you
cuz i would hate to have a ps3
none of my favorites games
HI boss online!go straight to ps3 with metal gear solid 4 avilabel u wont regret buying ps3 also is coming gran turismo 5 which seems fantastic.if u want o console for the next teo yeras buy ps3.ps3 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well you see all you hear about on 360 is halo and gears. what ps3 has little big planet(fun!) killzone 2(this is a REALLY good game) metal gear solid 4(extremely high ratings) and resistance 2(good just like kz2) and it has internet explorer. it has free online gaming(unlike 360 where you py to play online and you can't live off of those free trial cards). all you need is an internet connection. the fan is quit. it turns loud when you play alot. it has a built it wi-fi(unlike 360 where you pay $100 extra) it even has a built in power supply so you don't have extra uglys. just hook it in and put the cored in the outlet. and bluray is better then hd-dvd. and if you like shooters, then there is a game some company is making. IT WILL HAVE 256 PLAYERS ONLINE IN 1 GAME! something 360 can't do.
umm if i were you i would choose the ps3 because i have both sytems and i think that the ps3 gameplay is beter but there isnt much in it. yet the ps3 online is for free which is good but the xbox costs but there is not much difference in the online especially with all these new updates for the ps3.


I have a xbox 360 and that is the best console by far, yes you have to pay for online but atleast your paying for quality. ps3 online is so boring compared to xbox 360. if you want the best out of yout console i would advise you to get an xbox 360
Soon ps3 owners will have to pay for online
> icf132
Who's @rse did you pull that one out of? Stop making sh!t up or supply a valid link to a reputable source you moron.

lol by "boring" he means no hackers or modders to fly up into the air and one shot everyone without even having to hold down the trigger button.
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Play station guy do you say these things because you suck at playing online and get killed so quick that it just seems like there cheating? Because I play and never get killed in one shot and have never seen everyone killed at once. But I have seen people that play and suck and say things like ow there cheating there too fast!! They must have a mod that's why I lost. No you lost cuz there good and you suck.
I'd go with PS3

i'll tell you why
Online gaming is great and coming. with Xbox you have to pay for this, while on PS3 this is free. and i never experienced lags yet on ps3. so thats one reason to buy a ps3.

but ofcourse xbox 360 is cheaper. so that money you could put in online gaming.
still i think ps3 is the choice. with blu-ray and HD-DVD's not even being produced no more by large companies. i think ps3 is the standard.

Yup, and you forgot to mention that playstation SLIM is for people who dont have much cash and want good gameplay, but if you TRULY want a good system with good everything, get the classic ps3 with all the memory and extras, may cost more in the beginning but mines has lasted 4 years, my friend is on his 5th xbox.
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I would recommend the PS3 because I think it will last way longer than the Xbox 360
I think because of the lack of a Blu-ray drive, the 360 will (after a while) support less and less games, as the blu-ray disc continues to grow as the standard.

Take note, that this is just my speculation, and if this becomes the truth, it will take some time. The PS3 costs a bit more, but I think that's for a reason. Furthermore, the 360 has a lot of unsolved bugs (Red Ring of death, scratches on the discs etc.), while the PS3 doesn't have that kind of problems.

I don't know if you want to play online, but Live costs money, while the PS3 network doesn't. Live doesn't cost that much, so it isn't that much of a problem, but it's kind of annoying that you have to pay for it. So it's your choice...
My guess is that the 360 needs replacing soon, while the PS3 doesn't.

Good luck finding your choice!
I have an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3. I tend to play my Xbox more, not only because more of my friends have it, but because I personally find the games/online a lot more fun. Playstation 3 is definitely something though, very impressive. Although you will find games that PS3 has that the 360 doesn't and vice-versa, PS3 doesn't have the big games I like for ex: Halo 3, Gears of war, Fable 2(when nobody is online), Left 4 Dead(?). It does however share some good ones, like CoD, Fallout 3, GTA IV, and Bioshock. Along with some of it's own like Kill Zone, Ghost Recon(I think), and Little Big Planet etc.

As far as graphics goes, neither one is significantly better than the other to make or break a decision on which to pick. At least it shouldn't matter for both of them are good. Not to mention if you have been itching to switch to Blue-ray then that is a plus for PS3.

All in all, I can give you my experience with each, and Xbox 360 has a longer lasting appeal to me. So with that I would recommend whichever your friends (if you plan playing online, if not then I don't know) have so you can play with them.
i think you are all retarded and should get a live because the X -BOX 360 is way better than the PS3, the PS3 sucks the only good thing about it is that it can play blueray player and who really cares. the 360 has way better games like halo 3, gears of war 1 and 2, and every game that you get on the PS3 you can get on the X-BOX 360
ur so wrong. the ps3 has free online. it has killzone, littlebigplanet, etc. it also has a better user interface. when you pay for live over the years you play it (if it lasts that long with the red ring of death and such), you will have payed wayyyy more than the initial (and pretty much final) cost of the ps3. And you should care about blu ray, because that is the new thing and more and more games are being made in the blu ray format. Ps3 also has a web browser which xbox doesnt. So eat that up SON!!!!!
:L, you have to pay for wifi, on the old xbox?. about £100. why do that, when you can get a ps3 with built in wi-fi, :L:L RETARD

well you see all you hear about on 360 is halo and gears. what ps3 has little big planet(fun!) killzone 2(this is a REALLY good game) metal gear solid 4(extremely high ratings) and resistance 2(good just like kz2) and it has internet explorer. it has free online gaming(unlike 360 where you py to play online and you can't live off of those free trial cards). all you need is an internet connection. the fan is quit. it turns loud when you play alot. it has a built it wi-fi(unlike 360 where you pay $100 extra) it even has a built in power supply so you don't have extra uglys. just hook it in and put the cored in the outlet. and bluray is better then hd-dvd. and if you like shooters, then there is a game some company is making. IT WILL HAVE 256 PLAYERS ONLINE IN 1 GAME! something 360 can't do.
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned Xbox 360's repeated red ring of death and frequent over heating problems. Perhaps it's resolved now but I witnessed friends go months at a time without a 360 while waiting for Microsoft to ship them another replacement. Several times over, and up to 8 months without an Xbox.

Sony certainly does have the more reliable hardware.
However this is the way the console wars always seem to go. Whoever builds the best console (best hardware, fastest platform) forgets to make things simple for developers - developers have to learn how to take advantage of the new hardware and can adapt faster to the lesser platform - the lesser platform gets the better gaming contracts.

You don't see many xbox 360 cluster supercomputers do you? Hands down the Playstation3 has far more computing power however it takes well optimized code designed very specifically to take advantage of the cell processor in order to harness that power. The 360 is much more ready to go and even has a free C# sdk to make developers lives easier. This is where microsoft is thinking about the end user for a change and where Sony, Toshiba, and IBM (joint researchers of the cell processor used in the ps3) are experimenting with raw revolutionary power.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter which is most powerful - look at the games you like, see what system has most of them, consider the live gaming features, your wallet, and go for it. They've both got their pro's and con's. If you get a 360 be careful where you put it - be sure it's well ventilated.


FINAL FANTASY is played on Sony, Resident Evil never supposed to be on XBox
believe me a PS3 is a must console...I have no money so I can't buy...BUT if I had a choice PS3 is the one to go for....Go sony, go sony go sony!!!!
i have both xbox 360 and ps3 i have had ps3 for a while now and only have just got xbox360 for a media system in my room to listen to music and play movies without having pc on all the time. got it home found out i cannot copy any music or ripped movies off the pc can only be streamed or have to run off a portable hdd, i then bought a 1tb hdd to put all my stuff on to play on xbox pluged it in and didnt work at all but found out it has to be fat 32 which then makes any files over 4gig corrupt. ps3 u can copy music movies pics off the pc onto the ps3 hdd. games r ok on 360 rather play on ps3 though . other BS thing on 360 is to run hdmi and optical u either have to get aftermarket AV cable or rip apart old av cable casing off to fit in at same time as hdmi cable, then your left with a huge bundle of unused wires and crap making more bundled mess of wires. ps3 u can upgrade the hdd size with a standard laptop sata, xbox hdd costs u $220+ just for there 120gig hdd which is BS and that's the largest u can go. ps3 controllers have there own rechargeable batteries built in where as xbox only have 2x AA batteries or u have to buy extra battery rechargeable packs.
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My advice first would be that you buy the system that has the games you want to play...

Also, as you said, PS3 plays Blue-Ray movies, but they cost about 30 bucks for the same movie that you can get on standard DVD for 15 - and I'm not sure the difference is so big...

The 360 will only play HD-DVD if you buy the add-on player, but with the price of Toshiba stand alone players there is no point in buying that.
in the long run its better to buy a used ps3 because if ur worried about price u can get a used ps3 for less than an xbox 360. if u do get a xbox 360 u have to pay for live unlike ps3. another down side to ps3 is online isnt very reliable im actually writing this right now because i cant play ps3. i own both systems and to me the ps3 is better
ps3 is better it can hold like 6 days but the xbox 360 can hold 3 hours
ps3 its internet is faster
do you have to pay for online gaming for xbox 360 cause if so get the ps3. the ps3 has free online gaming

I would like to try to answer this one and believe I can break it down best being truly unbiased, afterall I own an Elite 360 and a 80gb PS3. First I can comment on quality of hardware by saying simply my 400$ elite froze up with red ring death and though it was replaced rapidly it always sounded like an a/c running in the corner not to mention the flemsiness of the machine going with the plastic look in comparison to the ps3 sleek design (that scratches easy) that is quite as a mouse with an internal battery harness (external for 360) which never has given me any problemicluding scratching my brand new game ala 360. I had the 360 first cause madden on ps3 when it first broke was way better on 360. I got the 360 b/c of this an enjoyed it too, thrashing anumber of games from halo to mass effect to Nba2k to fight night and it's fun and def next gen. I even liked the bigger controls (I'm 6'4" w big hands). But let's face it, sorry 360 lovers, but ps3 takes it. It took a while to break away and come to that, afterall the initial ps games were ok but not enough to win the whole contest. But the games are out and creeping past (exclusives obviously; the shared are identical) and when it comes to the systems ps is far superior with built in browser capable of adding browsers of choice or software for that matter (it is a puter afterall) while ur stuck strickly on what micro soft wants to feed u via xbox and that's only if u pay ur way. The freedom is way better and let's face it, the interface is stellar on ps3 addind themes if u want that blow the little page flipper process on 360 software. The talking online is not worth the cash anyway and I fought for like 3 hrs one night trying to play my xgf bro in madden and tho I could and he could play anyone else, just not each other. And don't get me started on cust support. I have gray hair, free games, and MS romote controls because of thier neglegence. We won't even touch on the internal wireless of ps or the bluetooth that picks up my laptop and downloads all my music n video. We'll just finish with the fact that Sony has a massive disk format capable of far more future growth and 360 is, well, grown. My Elite sold on eBay this week if you need another hint. When Massive Effect 2 breaks I'll rent it and beat it and keep moving but as much as I kicked as with Sheppard him or Halo didn't excuse the layer of dust collecting on my (I should say "his") 360!
Just buy both systems and be done with it. Personally I agree that the PS3 is a much better make then the 360 and you know what you get when you buy it. Where as the 360 you have to buy around another 250-300 bucks after you buy the system to get what you pretty much get built into the PS3. Yes 360 has larger variety of games and what not. If not for the constant errors regarding online play with the 360 it would still be a very good system. However if you want it just buy it same with the PS3 all that matters is if its what you want and you know what your getting.
Hands down 360. The ps3 has its perks but whats better than sniping someone in the face in halo or tearing someone to shreds in Gears 2. Nothing on ps3 amounts to that. Sure i used to like sony before the 360 came out but when it did i was glad i bought it. and yes i admit that the 360 has its downfalls with the rrod and such but ive had a 360 for 3 years and it did fine until a couple of days ago.
I think sniping someone in Killzone 2 or tearing someone to shreds in MGS4 amount to a fairly similar feeling. I look at screenshots of Gears of War 2, & I think, now there's a good looking game. I look at the screenshots of Halo 3 & the graphics, although not bad, kind of look really dated by todays standards, in the same way that Lair looks a bit naff on the PS3 (but you can pick that up for under a tenner now, & they fixed the controls so for the price of a PSN download game, it's not a bad deal). I wouldn't go out & buy a console for Gears 2, but I'd give it a go. I tried the first Gears on PC a while ago, & if it wasn't for the fact that it was so bug ridden you couldn't play it for more than 10 minutes without it crashing back to desktop, I think I would have liked it (I can't believe Microsoft never fixed it, the patch didn't do anything.... robbing bar stewards...correction, I can believe they didn't fix it). I enjoyed the first Halo game, but when I tried Halo 2 I just found it so tired, & tedious (I'm talking gameplay as well as graphics, it was very late to the PC after all) so I'm really not fussed for the 3rd & 4th, & RTS versions of the game, or whatever else Microsoft pump out with the Halo name on it. I'm sure it's a good game, but there's things out on the PC & PS3 that compare favourably to anything in the Halo franchise now.
The PS3 is a single player console - believe me the online sucks for this machine. There is a reason that the PS3's online is free.... If you want to play online there is only one choice - 360 all the way. If you are happy playing alone and/or want the Blu-ray then go for the PS3. This isn't really a gaming console though - the only decent (and that's debatable uhnless you're a fanboy) game is MGS. 360 has tons of good games and they tend to be less expensive to buy also.

In my opinion the choice is a no brainer - sorry Sony you've had your day - the way forward for gaming is the 360.
Killbill, you're entitled to your opinion, even if it is wrong. To state that the online sucks, & that it isn't really a gaming console are such sweeping statements that you must be fanboy. I hardly use the PS3 for the media abilities, & gaming is 99% of its use. I use it everyday, & aren't so bored that I'm thinking of getting a 360 yet.
I'm not suggesting for a second that the PS3 online is better than the 360, that'd be stupid. After all, the 360 online is a paid for service, so it should be better.
I have played plenty online on the PS3 with no problems, & enjoyed every moment.
I think the main difference is the cross game chat, & the fact that there's a lot more headset communication on the 360, which is fine if that's what your into. Some people like myself enjoy playing online for the challenge of playing against real people, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to chat to every Tom, Dick, & Harry. I'm fine with the fact that not everybody has a headset, & I don't have to listen to little boys cursing every time they get killed.
Oh, & saying that MGS4 is the only decent game on the PS3 is again a stupidly sweeping statement. So in other words, every multiplatorm game on the 360 that's also on the PS3 must be rubbish by your logic. As for exclusives, there's plenty out now.

Killzone 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
Heavenly Sword
Little Big Planet
Resistance 2
Valkyria Chronicles
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

are just some of them.

& I'm not even going to bother stating all of the ones that are coming out because it's been said so many times before.
I'm sure the 360 is a wonderful gaming platform before it fries itself. Yep, that's right, I'm going to bring up reliability again. I have been told very recently by shop staff at Game (UK Stores) that they are still getting 360's back on a daily basis with RROD, E74, & DVD problems, & these include Falcon & Japser models, but hardly get any PS3's back. You can harp on about the 3 year warranty (that only covers RROD) all you want, the simple fact is that Microsoft botched their quality control, & they should have recalled the lot of them until they fixed it. Any other product with that initial level of failure has been.
The PS3 might not be perfect, but the 360 is hardly the epitamy of technological achievment.
> Kaden101
actually the games you stated are 90% of sonys good library. that said its a joke ha ha ha ha. xbox has many many more games to choose from. and its hardrive doesnt melt. they both have there problems. sony still having more than microsoft now. the only big advantage sony once had over microsoft was final fantasy. and now even thats coming to xbox. and the fact most games that come out for both usually only have updates and expansions for the 360 version. dont waste your money on ps3. and if you do ull regret it. only known of 3 people buying a ps3 and 2 of em had to return em. but in the end its up to what games u like to play. and if sony can get there heads out there ass and fix the bugs and figure out how to make games for the system it might actually be worth purchasing one day. hope it aint to late. gt is one of the best racing games.
> anon
Melting hard drives - don't talk rubbish - my PS3 barely gets warm. You've got some cahoneys if you dare bring up a reliability issue in a PS3/360 forum, I'll give you that. As for exclusives, yes presently the 360 has more, that's fine, it's been out longer - problem is I can play most of them on my gaming PC at some point. How many PS3 exclusives can you do that with? As for your comment suggesting Sony need to get their heads out of their ass & start fixing the bugs (what bugs, I think you're confusing badly designed unrealible piece of crap with the 360, blah blah warranty, blah blah, brainwashed by Microsoft) & figure out how to make games for the system. Sorry, but Sony's exclusive upcoming line up looks a lot better than anything I've seen in the Microsoft camp recently. As for DLC, apart from the ability to continue Fallout 3 I haven't seen anything I'd want. You just carry on eating up cheap add-ons for GTAIV whilst PS3 owners will be looking forward to getting full exclusive games that will push the PS3 hardware. Oh, & I don't care that Final Fantasy is coming to the 360, it's good for Square Enix so that can make a profit & carry on making Final Fantasy games, doesn't matter to me which platform it's on as long as it's awesome.
Dude. You are fucking stupid. Sony, Nintendo, And Sega put console gaming where is was today. If it hadn't been for N64, Dreamcast, and Playstation... Xbox would have never existed. So saying PS3 isn't a gaming system is like saying all Xbox 360 players aren't closet homosexuals because you know all of you are.