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I really need some help guys...

I am going to buy a new system very soon and I need to know if there are any big advantages or disadvantage over one system compared to the other.

I was first thinking to get to PS3 - which seems to be the most powerfull system - but the XBox 360 looks more reasonable in terms of price and Halo 3 is already out for this one.

Plus one plays Blue Ray disks and the other play HD DVD.

I'm still very confuse on the choice I should do between the two systems.

All arguments are welcome.


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I own both systems, i play both systems, and i can't understand all the sad-asses who bash one or the other, if you like one, then thats okay, but don't crap over the other system and it's users. I do have a preference on the one i play, which is my Xbox, but i enjoy playing my PS3 as well.

yes the Xbox has some problems, but mine is three years old now (i think 2nd gen Xbox 360, before they put in the HDMI and the 60GB HDD), and touch wood, has never broken down, no RROD or overheating or any problems.

And with the online thing, I don't mind paying ���£39.99 for 12 months for Xbox live, if you know what your paying for, which equates to around ���£3 a month, not really that much, and while PSN is free to use, i do prefer Live, again just personal preference.

I do have a problem with the PS3 though, it's web browser SUCKS! but other then that i love it, but i just love my 360 a little bit more, but i don't go "Oh...Xbox sux" or "PS3 sucks!" i think people who do that are a little insecure, maybe.

Going off topic, I don't get the thing with the Wii, it has some great games, Metroid, SSB, Mario Galaxy but it's a novelty thing to me. I had one, but got sold it to my brother, hardly never played it due to my 360/PS3 combo.

First of all i have both systems and let me tell you that you would have a lot more fun with the xbox 360

First reason,Achievement points :You can get achievement points with xbox like any thing you do special you would get some points but you can't trade the points for any thing but if you get online you can buy Microsoft points and buy games like GTA San Andreas and the first Halo. With Playstation 3 no.

Second reason,Online play: Xbox 360 just tears the PS3 up into shreds
It's got cross game chat, &, nope that's all I've got. I've also never seen an answer past that one reason. But it must be better surely, after all Microsoft charges you for it. Nope, I'm still drawing a blank. Somebody please enlighten us lowly PS3 owners what we're missing? Pretty please, oh go on, you know you want to.
Hey USG, looks like we never got that answer, strange hmmm.
Hey USG, looks like we never got that answer, strange that.
The xbox 360 connection is better.
The PS3 does have Trophies y'know.
Like gamescore, but instead of a score, Trophies.
Bronze for low level awards.
Silver for medium.
Gold for higher.
Platinum for getting all other trophies in the game.

Listen, Xbox 360 May Seem cheaper at the shops when browsing but here are some disadvantages about xbox 360.

You have to pay for xbox live £40/$40 a year - Ps3 Is Free For Ever

Wireless Connection Box - £50/$50- PS3 has built in wireless so no need

If you dont play very well you can get suspended for a few hours or even days!/ Ps3 would never do that.

The games like halo only come out because they get declined by sony because sony would never stoop that low for halo or any other games " only for xbox 360.

Graphics are good but not as good as ps3 ! - Ohhh Yeahhh

You end up paying endless amounts of money in hidden costs- ps3 dont.

Risk of xbox breaking like every day - all my freinds xboxes has got the red ring of death - PS3 IS UNBEATABLE!

and to sum it all up there start up menu is very complicated and i just could not get my head around it....with ps3 i picked it up straight away!.

Overall i give xbox a 5 and ps3 9.5 out of 10 ! //// Obvs because they rule /// i would call you a fool if you decided to buy an xbox and would get my ps3 buddies to kick you ass till you changed!.


Wrong halo. gears and those games are all microsoft studio games that are made for microsoft, any game made by microsoft only going to be for 360 any game made by SCE is PS3 only other wise u would be able to play killzone 2 on an xbox , and gears on a ps3
wow that is a bunch of shit. what r u 12? there is no comparison for sony and xbox. where do you get your facts? sure sony has a few. and only a few exclusive titles. but the xbox blows it out the water. so you and ur friends can suck a dick. fanboy. oh by the way. do to sells of the 2 consoles microsoft is kicking sonys ass. and theres the harddrives melting in the ps3 so yeah all i need to say.
> anon
Whilst the Middleman might not be totally correct as I'd say the 360 has more exclusives out now & a bigger back catalogue, the upcoming line up of the PS3 currently looks better, & 360 exclusives usually end up on PC anyway, so if you've got a half decent gaming PC, a PS3 would probably be a wiser investment as their exclusives usually are...exclusive that is.

Oh, & Anon, what the hell are you on about hard drives melting in PS3's. I can only assume that you mean people who've upgraded their hdd & put in a 7200rpm one (runs faster, therefore hotter) instead of a 5400rpm which as I understand it you shouldn't do. Apart from that reason I can't think of any reason why you even dare bring up reliability as an issue compared to the 360. Let's see

RROD - yeah Microsoft covers that - woo hoo for their extended warranty - shouldn't happen in the first place.
E74 - yeah Micrsoft finally admitted to that - how many 360 owners have bought 2nd consoles because until now Microsoft kept denying it was anything to do with them. Yeah, they can get their money back if they had to pay for an E74 fixed, but who'd do that when you knew it would probably fry again, & Microsoft kept saying that their newer consoles were fixed - like hell they were.
DVD scratching - Microsoft still denying this one - see for more information on that one - Blockbusters (UK) now have scratch removing machines in their stores to wangle some money out of unfortunate 360 owners - or you could try T-Cut, that works sometimes (alchohol to clean it off afterwards).
Anything else, tough, same warranty as a PS3

So even though they might have got the failure rate of the 360% well down from the abysmal 30% ratio, they as a company are still failing 33% on not covering known faults, & who knows what else will crop up, after all, they just keep on coming.
erm...excuse me. i am not a fanboy of any sort. let me just say this.

advantages of 360:
Great online play
good games
mainly FPS games (first person shooters)
generally multiplayer online.
lots of downloadable content
community games
play music while you play games
can watch movies and tv shows with netflix subscription
acheivment points

Disadvantages of 360
yes you do have to pay for live, however the online service is unbeatable.
generally xbox customer support sucks. (ive spent hours on the phoneyou have to pay to change your gamertag (there are ways around this)
older models of the 360 will have the red ring problem and overheating. ect.

advantages of PS3
acceptable online play
great games
Mainly racing,adventure, platformers
blu ray disk player (i dont consider this an advantage, but whatever floats your boat)
can play music while playing
more disk space
free online play
alot of space on the harddrive

Disadvantages of PS3 (yes there are disadvantages)
although the blu ray disks have more space, they do read much much slower than a regular dual layered disk
free online play is free, but not amazing
expensive (because of the blu ray)
not enough of a game menu
more load time for games because of the slow disk read

once again i am NOT A FANBOY of either one. overall they are both great systems in their own way.
if you like fps go for 360 if you like adventure/racing/platformers go PS3.

yes i own both i also own a wii i play all 3 very often and i enjoy them equally and individually.
there is a console for everyone really, it just depends on your gaming style whether to get a PS3 Xbox 30 or a wii.

> Kaden101
Kaiden, for you to refer to other people as fan boys is quite amazing. Your the biggest sony fan boy there is, iv read the posts in the thread and you say how it comes down to insults for the so called fan boys, you have more insults in your posts than any other person. Quite frankly if you care so much about this console you need to get a life.
Personally i have an Xbox 360 as i like the online system and halo 3 oblivion, using my wired controller with my pc. Some of my friends have Ps3's which i enjoy playing killzone and so on. The end of the day they do the same its down to the games you like. And going on about scratching disks and rrod. Ive had no disks that scratch, i have had the rrod, which i got back within 7 days, not to much of a inconvenience, i can live without it. Power pack is large yes but how you can say tht when the size of the ps3 is enormous, but like they normally do they will put out a slim version for some more money. The smallest console being the wii.

Price difference, there is going to be one as the ps3 has blue ray which is good, and has the wireless built in amongst other things.

The best combination i belive to be a Xbox 360 and a Wii. The Wii is such a fun console with friends round and a beer, and if i fancy some FPS or Racing i enjoy the online of the Xbox. IF you like killzone, gt, little big planet obviously the ps3 is your console.
> Pecky
Hey Pecky,

I'm not so much a fanboy as I enjoy a good argument, & like putting down people who use arguments like "ps3 suck pe'nis, 360 rulz, if u like ps3 u sux cock", & I'm generally a sarcastic git. You'll probably notice that most of my bitchy replies are to these kind of posts.. I also appreciate it when somebody comes back with a constructive argument showing that there is some intelligence & thought left in the world.

I don't have anything against the 360 apart from the reliability, & the Microsoft warranty is only there so they don't get sued. The power supply, although big isn't really an issue, how upset can you really get about a power supply (the Wii has got an external one as well, but Ninty's console is twee to start with) Oh, & speaking of size, the PS3 is like what, about 5mm bigger than the 360. Because I live with my faince the PS3 is a tidier option for me, it's one unit with everything built in, It's sat on a floating shelf out in the open next to the Wii, so I can't hide the wires, & PSU etc. I also use the Wi-fi so it makes sense..for me.

The best combination for me is the PS3 & Wii attached to the TV, & my gaming PC in the other room. PS3 exclusives are generally (but not always) exclusive, whereas most 360 exclusives end up on PC at some point, although Fable II could do with hurrying up, it's the one 360 exclusive I really want (don't care about Halo, first one was good, wasn't keen after that, tried Gears of War 1 on PC, but due to "Windows Live or Live for Windows, whatever it's called" being so badly designed that I couldn't play more than 15 minutes without it crashing out I gave it up as a bad job, I was impressed, but not blown away enough to buy another console for it - Just Google Gears of War PC crash if you don't belive me - even after they patched it).

So, although I may come across as a fanboy some times as I like to rant, I have in the past (on other forums) also had a go at PS3 owners for being dicks. Dicks after all aren't exclusive.
> Kaden101
let me tell u somethin, ps3 is shit. the first thing is that xbox 360 has the same graphics, i don't know y people say that ps3 has better graphics wen it is the same. the games for xbox 360 r much better. they have more games than ps3. the dashboard looks more exciting.
> warkid
Hey Pecky,

It's eejits like warkid here that make me do it. I have no control, I can't resist replying to them in the same vain as their posts. It's like an addiction. I'll try to be kind to the little moron, but I can't make any guarantees.

Right Warkid,

Let me tell you something (yes, that's how the words should look), you state that the PS3 is shit, & yet say that it has the same graphics. Doesn't that make the 360 also shit. You say the games are (yes I'm still correcting your text speak spelling) much better for the 360, I say they aren't if I want to play Motorstorm: PR, or Killzone 2, or Little Big Planet, or Heavenly Sword, or Uncharted, or GT5P, & when they come out God of War III, or Heavy Rain, or MAG, or Infamous, or Uncharted 2, or Gran Turismo 5, etc get the jist.

People say the graphics are better on the PS3 because of Killzone 2, & GT5P, & the trailer for God of War III, & the trailer for Uncharted 2. As a rule the graphics on the 2 consoles are very similar, but recent exclusives on the PS3 are showing an edge. On the other hand, if the screenshots I saw for Alan Wake were for the 360 & not the PC & if it really does look that good then I'll hold up my hands & applaud the developer for a job well done. At the moment it's marginal between them.

As for the 360 having more games, yes it does, it's been out longer, but having a look at the number of exclusives in Wikipedia there's not that much in it. 160+ for the 360, 130+ for the PS3 - this includes PSN Store, Xboxlive Store, & some upcoming titles for both platforms. Neither platform is short of games. The argument that PS3 has no games is so 2007.

The dashboard looks more exciting. I can't believe your bringing up the excitment level of a menu. If you like the NXE dashboard then good for you, but the XMB is an award winning system that is easy to use & logical, it's not meant to be exciting, it's meant to be useable.

There you go, I think I was very restrained considering what a lame argument was put forward in the first place.
> warkid
LOL, let me tell you something boy, i own both systems and the PS3 isn't shit only reason your saying that is because you don't have one. Cause if you did have one you would know it ain't shit and that its better then 360. Second kinda refers to the first comment because if you had a PS3 you would see that it has better graphics and one game that deff has better graphics then anything 360's got is killzone. And third fyi 360 doesn't really have more games then PS3, their exclusives equal about the same except Sony doesn't advertise as much. LOL 360 dash board is shitty, and uhh note also that ps3 games use blueray. I still give props to 360 it's just that 360 was better at first now PS3 is better.