Dell not turning on!!

jazzy5 - Aug 4, 2010 at 03:39 PM
 Blocked Profile - Aug 5, 2010 at 07:22 AM

I have a dell latitude d600 and is not turning on at all. One day it is fine and i have not dropped it at all or plugged anything weird into it. All of a sudden it is now just not turning on. What do i do? i have tried taking the battery out and turning it on with just the power supply but that did not work. lost and a$$ed out! plz help

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Aug 5, 2010 at 07:22 AM
Dear Jazzy,

The problem should be sourcing either from the battery or the charger. You should confirm the issue by trying it on another laptop. Yet, it might also be coming from a faulty power supply.

Thanks in advance.