Cant watch youtube on windows ce 6.0 arm.

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I just bought this windows ce 6.0 notebook for my son for a birthday present and I cant figure out how to get youtube to play. I try to down load adobe lite but everything Ity o download says not a compatable win ce app. Can anyone tell me please how to download any kind of apps.?
I really would like some kinda adobe player.

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Please have the software's download link from the following address.

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thank you for your answer, I am actually facing the same problem. Can you please explain what is core video player, and how to get it?

Thank you very much
Hi, if you didnt recieved any answer so let it try on it, just go for and try it www. is not works on win 6.0 version

My mom got me a Windows Ce laptop for Christmas. It was soo annoying how I couldn't watch youtube on the device. But I recently found out that you can. If your son has the Core Video Player and the pre-installed version of Youtube on his device then you should be able to watch it. Just open Core Video Player and then open Youtube. Search for a video, click on it, and you should be directed to Core and the video should play after a couple of seconds. If it doesn't work then you probably have to download the FlashVideoBundle.
i think u r latop must have inbulit yputube player when u purchase it I to have purchased it it has I n bulilt player for you tube and its work but not for high quality videos